ENCE Ready For Brazil!

Finnish team arrives in Brazil from a surprising campaign at IEM Katowice, proving that they can beat against Valve’s best shooting game. Finland’s most successful CS: GO team, ENCE, is one of six teams in the BLAST Pro Series São Paulo. The organization has been in the competitive scene since 2013. However, they found the ideal team in 2018, with the return of local star Aleksi “allu”.

ENCE IEM Katowice 2019

Credits: HLTV

Finns are ready to fight with allu, the organization structured a team of Finland’s finest along with four talented young people who had no international experience. The lineup brought two premier titles in 2018. Now, the team landed in Brazil for the first time after a great sensational campaign at IEM Katowice 2019.

ENCE against the world

Against all odds, ENCE made their way to the grand finals, losing to Danish side, Astralis. ENCE has been drawing the attention of analysts since last year. However, it was in 2019 that they proved to be a team capable of competing against the best. The campaign of the team in the Major of Poland surprised the entire community of CS: GO. The Finns were in a very delicate situation on the New Legends Stage after losing their first two matches. Nonetheless, they recovered by, winning three best-of-three (BO3) series in a row.

ENCE Brazil

Credits: HLTV

Strength is their symbol

The whole run can be credited by one word: resilience. ENCE recovered several times during the Major. In our opinion, they were the only team that made the most comebacks. The Finnish team left Katowice, Poland with the feeling of accomplishment. During the Major, all players contributed to the success of the side and took responsibility when it mattered.

Even the support Sami “xsev”, who is responsible for being the punching bag of the team, shined in a few moments and finished the tournament with 1.06 rating, ENCE’s best average. So it is possible to state that the strategy implemented by IGL Aleksi “Aleksib” is balanced. As it allows the five players to roam and stand out.

ENCE is ready for Brazil

Credits: HLTV

Every weakness counts

ENCE’s campaign in Katowice was intense and tiresome. As players played 38 maps between qualifiers of the Minor of Europe and the Major’s grand finale. The number of games may very well affect allu’s performance, who is one of the team’s top players. The veteran’s first child was born during the New Challengers Stage. He didn’t had enough time to spend with his family. Despite the good moment lived by the team, there are rumors about a change in the lineup.


Credits: HLTV

Reporter Jared “DeKay”, famous for giving inside news reported that Miikka “suNNy”, the Finnish player named 16th best in the world on the HLTV list is negotiating a transfer from his current team mousesports to ENCE. The speculation can have bad repercussions among the players and generate bad views in the Blast Pro Series São Paulo. Sergej is only 17 years of age but is the star of ENCE’s lineup. He won the MVP medal in one of the tournaments last year, the StarSeries i-League Season 6. In Katowice, he stood out with several weapons: AK-47, M4A4, AUG, and even the AWP.

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