Epic Games launches Update 10.10 on Fortnite main client

Fortnite Update 10.10 is available to download on the main client. Fortnite may be offline at the time of this writing. Yet, to keep the fans entertained, Epic Games has released the patch notes for the update – highlighting all changes and innovations. Firstly, a new Rift Zone has transformed the Mega Mall back into the Retail Row. Epic has also introduced a new LTM in the Battle Royale. Meanwhile, the Infinity Blade has been taken out of the vault. There have also been a couple of changes for Creative Mode. 

We recommend you pay attention to the enemies who spawn in the Rift Zone – and who want to claim the shopping center for themselves.

New Limited Time Mode

Players of Fortnite Battle Royale will also discover the limited time mode, Worldrun, after the 10.10 update. This LTM is designed for 16 players and four teams. The first team to collect 30 gold coins wins the game. There are also changes to the weapons and items. The Infinity Blade leaves the vault – in both team and duo LTM swordplay. The damage has been reduced from 10,000 to 600.

After Fortnite Update 10.10, you will be able to board directly from the hang glider into a ‘Mech. Furthermore, the developers promise optimized spawn point logic for bigger team modes. If a player leaves a ‘Mech in the storm, it will be destroyed after 30 seconds. The ‘Mechs will be visible on the minimap again if there is no player in one for 15 seconds. At the end of the Battle Royale update notes, the developers also mention bug fixes and optimizations.

Creative mode: New content in update 10.10

After the downtime, you will discover new content in Creative Mode. Fortnite Update 10.10 welcomes the arrival of  ‘Mechs in this mode. In addition, you can make custom changes to the islands. For example, the Island Select menu has been updated.

The patch notes also describe bug fixes with respect to gameplay. For example, a bug that ignores the maximum team size and the assigned team allocation in games has been fixed.The developers also reduced Infinity Blade’s original damage – from 10,000 to 600, as mentioned. In addition, there are a number of adjustments to the galleries, game performance, and user interface.

Bug fixed!

The release of the Fortnite 10.10 patch was originally scheduled for yesterday, on Tuesday. However, Epic Games announced that it had to postpone the update due to a bug. It seems as though the bug has been fixed, however, and the developers have rolled out their new update for the survival shooter.

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