Epic Games releases Fortnite 10.40 update

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Epic Games released the major Fortnite 10.40update. The patch was available after the initial downtime. In the patch files,the developers shared all the changes that awaited the community with the 10.40update on Battle Royale, Creative Mode, and Save the World. Highlights includethe new game mode Combine. In addition, a new crack zone was made availablewith Starry Suburbs. We summarize the highlights from the patch notes for theFortnite 10.40 update.

Fortnite was offline for a few hours since Epic Games was preparing for the 10.40 update. In the meantime, the developers published the complete patch notes, and presented all the new features and changes. The developer has made sure the community is happy for the fall that tons of new features await us.

Combine Mode and optimized player search

Among the highlights for the Battle Royalemode is the new game mode Combine. It’s a great way to test the new controllersettings – Epic has tweaked the sensitivity and target acquisition support withthe gamepads. Combine is about reaching the end of a shooting range as fast aspossible and eliminating all targets on the way there.

In addition, Epic Games optimized  the player search in the 10.20 update. Thismeans: From now on, you should primarily play in matches with players thatmatch your abilities. If you get better over time, the matchmaking system willalso get you better players. This is a good feature since over the past fewmonths, there have been numerous complaints with the matchmaking.

New crack zone and weapons

In Fortnite Battle Royale you should also lookfor a new crack zone. Because the 10.40 update has brought back the ruinedneighborhood near Pleasant Park.. If you destroy the stars there, then you willget a rare item that will amplify your chances of getting the Royale victory.Epic also promises a new weapon that they will be released in the next coupleof weeks.

The weapons and items also have changes in theFortnite Update 10.40. The jump fields and the triplicate trap are back. Thetraps can be placed on floors, walls and ramps / stairs. In the patch notes,Epic also announces a new double XP weekend. From Friday, September 28th, toSeptember 30th, you will receive twice the XP amount for your Battle Royalematches.

Play the Zone Wars!

After the update the Fortnite community hasaccess to a new limited time mode: Zone Wars. The developers describe the gamemode as follows: “A simulation of a final phase in Battle Royale, but witha restricted, moving zone. Eliminate your competition as you dodge theapproaching storm Random items will make things quite exciting for eachround.” You can join up to 15 friends in the player search.

Rounding out the changes in patch 10.40  the developer has introduced several bugfixes. For example, a bug was fixed that did not show the condition bars ofvehicles.

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