Epic Games releases Patch 9.40 in Fortnite

Epic Games has released the patch notes for Fortnite Update 9.40. The new patch became available to players after the scheduled initial downtime. With the update, two new variants for the tactical shotgun in Battle Royale come into play. For the creative mode, the patch brings new islands. The update also implements numerous bug fixes and optimizations. In this article, we will share all the highlights of the latest patch notes.

First, there is some exciting news for the players who love shotguns, as the tactical shotgun is now available in the epic and legendary variants. The maximum damage is 83/87. The weapon spreads 1.5 rounds per second and the headshot multiplier is x2.25. You will find the new versions on the ground, in chests, from drones, and in vending machines.

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With Fortnite Patch 9.40, the developers have also made changes to the combat shotgun, for which the headshot multiplier was reduced from 1.7 to 1.5. Furthermore, its effectiveness was reduced over long-range shots. Meanwhile, the silenced sniper rifle finds its way into the vault. 

Epic Games has also revealed that they have applied many bug fixes and optimizations to the Battle Royale mode. For example, a bug has been fixed that prevented supply crates from being visible after players shot them down. There are also improvements in audio and user interface on mobile devices. 

New Content for Save the World 

Fortnite Patch 9.40 also provides updates for the popular Creative Mode. Now, You’ll be able to add balls to your world and open up new possibilities for game modes and player interaction. The patch has also increased the number of trigger and receiver channels, so you can create more automatic chaos on your maps. There are also optimizations for gameplay, weapons, and items. The new variants of the Tactical Shotgun are also included in Fortnite’s Creative Mode after the update.

A million-dollar mobile tournament!

Epic Games may hold a Fortnite mobile championship with a million-dollar prize pool. This was announced on Twitter by the director of mobile gaming for Complexity Gaming, Matt Rutledge.

Rutledge later deleted his tweet and said that he had no insider information, and his opinion was based on an assumption about the Xbox Cup. This competition is for console players and will be held from July 20th to 21st, and its prize fund will indeed be $1 million. The developers did not comment on rumors of a mobile tournament. The Fortnite World Cup will be held from July 26th to 28th in New York. The total prize fund for this tournament is $30 million. Players from any platform can compete in it.

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