Escape from Tarkov - Ammo Chart

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There are many games present in the world to help people have some fun and relaxation. One of the most entertaining and fun-loving game is Escape from Tarkov, which show the real aspect of life. Players get to know about a lot of things when they play this game. There is an Ammo Chart present in the game, which helps to tell players about different weapons and many other things under one chart. Players get huge help from this chart as it makes them remain knowledgeable about various elements.

The items related to each other are marked with the same color on the chart and make it more comfortable for the player to understand it. If players understand different elements of the game properly, then they can easily perform their tasks. The chart can help the players know about various parameters of the game and get access to multiple aspects. Every player should opt for knowing each and every detail of the game so that they won’t face any problem and deal with all the situations.

Escape from Tarkov - Ammo Chart

Here are some related details about Ammo Chart so that you can easily understand it. You can enhance your knowledge by considering the below information.

Things that Ammo Chart Includes

  • Damage Value – It helps to tell the players about the exact value of the damage that occurs to their vehicles. It is calculated by subtracting the number of Hit Points from Target’s Total HP Pool when a bullet tries to penetrate via Armor. It allows the players to remain updated about their vehicle’s damages.
  • Projectile Speed – The initial velocity of Bullet is meters per second, and this speed lowers the distance that players need to cover due to air friction. When air pushes the vehicle from the front, the vehicle’s speed automatically reduces and slows the speed.
  • Armor Damage Ratio (%) – The percentage ratio of the Bullet’s damage is calculated when the Armor fails to penetrate. It leads the vehicle to face a lot of problems and makes the bike feel heavy and hard to run.
  • Fragmentation Chance – It is the target when the Bullet enters into Target’s body. Bullet, when it gets any damages, then leads the vehicle to huge problems that are the chance of fragmentation and makes it take rest.
  • Ricochet Chance – It is the chance of Bullet when it bounces back from an area when it is shot of an angle. It makes the vehicle push backward and makes the bike face more hardships in moving. This chance creates so many problems for Bullet and makes it run slower under pressure.

Wrap It Up

When you consider the above information, you can easily learn about the Ammo Chart and its importance. It helps the players to have knowledge about all the aspects related to Bullet and allow them to take good care of the vehicle. You should understand the importance of this chart so that you won’t face any problem while considering the vehicle for driving.

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