Escape from Tarkov - Wipe Guide

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When Escape from Tarkov first played on Twitch at that time, it doesn’t have such immense popularity. Later on, when it crosses the twitch platform, then it gained huge popularity and became one of the boosts up games among the players. When players get out of Twitch for playing this game, then all the experienced and inexperienced players can both together. It leads the game to vast confusion and made the players face problems. 

Wipe time of Escape from Tarkov means to know about how to deal with the new situations basically how to improve your surviving skills. When players join the new version of the game, it becomes hard for them to play the game and know multiple aspects. Now, Tarkov has been settled according to all the players’ abilities and wipes up all its features. Resetting all the programs to zero helped the players to play the game properly without facing any hardship.

Escape from Tarkov - Wipe Guide

For further details, you can consider the below points to help you understand the wipe concept of the game.

Fighting Scavs

When you learn about all the maps of Escape from Tarkov, then scabs creates difficulties for you. Along with learning about the maps, you need to know about Scavs so that you can fight against him. Try to engage Scavs effectively as possible so that you can learn how to handle them. If Scavs has time to track you, then they will try to provide damage to you, so you need to keep an eye on each of their steps.

Fighting Players

Fighting against your players has always been considered one of the toughest parts of the game. It is really difficult to know the weak points of your opponents so that you can defeat them. Your enemies always try to kill you, but you always need to be careful so that you won’t get caught in their plan. You need to learn different noises so that you can know from far distance about your enemy’s presence.

Making Money

Another wiping element in Escape from Tarkov is to earn money because your survival money is a must. For making money, you should make sure that you are looting through various quests and areas. All the players must learn how to loot because looting is a must for your survival. The best way to earn money is by considering the Shoreline and Interchange Maps.

Completing the Quests

One of the most important and the most engaging element of the game is quests. All the players need to complete the multiple quests, which make the players earn money and other items. Quests can be related to any task, so you need to be ready to get involved in quests. Like in some games, missions play a significant role, like that only quests play a significant role in Escape from Tarkov. 


All the above information or points will help you know about the wipe guide of Escape from Tarkov. It will allow you to know about multiple elements of the game and makes you learn many things. You should always take care of a wipe guide so that you won’t get in any difficulty of hardship.

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