All The Action From Day One Of ESL Birmingham 2019

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The first day of the ESL Birmingham 2019 took place yesterday. The competition was quite exciting, since we saw first competitive glimpse of the of 7.22 patch. THe second day of the competition will kick off later today. So let’s have a comprehensive look into the highlights of the first day.


With the arrival of patch 7.22 we saw Mars making its way to the Captain’s Mode. In Birmingham, he was warmly welcomed since he was picked by the likes of Team Secret, Vici Gaming and Team Liquid. Yet it was not the best day for him, since after getting picked for eight games he just had a 25% win rate. We believe that the teams and the players are still testing their strategies to play around the hero. Since we saw plenty of builds in all the games he was played.

The hope for NA Dota 2 scene

For nearly a decade, Evil Geniuses has been an exceptional side in the competitive landscape of the game. The have performed in plenty of competitions and have produced exceptional results. In Birmingham, they continue to reign supreme since they are only side, who is unbeaten in the four games played. They beat Gambit and Secret to start the day two of the competition on the front foot.

Techies and Treant Protector

The duo declined in popularity after getting nerfed in the pas patches. Yet, after the arrival of 7.22 they were picked in one game each at the ESL. However, it was not a happy return for the two since both lost their games. We are not saying that the team picked the hero to mess around and have fun. Yet they were part of serious drafts who just couldn’t get the win. We believe that we will not be seeing the duo in the upcoming matches of the tournament, until one team figure out the game winning strategy.

The highs and lows

Sand King was arguably the most popular pick of the tournament since the teams drafted him in 11 out the 24 games played on day 1. It is fair to say that he has reached the popularity of Earthshaker in the competitive landscape since he is a great disabler and hold an exciting AOE ultimate.

We also saw Wraith King in the tournament, who had the highest win rate. The King was picked on three occasion and remained uncontested. Meanwhile, after receiving constant nerfs, it seems like Oracle has finally stopped to be a menace, since he had a 0% win rate after five games.

We believe that all of these statistics can change in the future games since the teams clearly need time to adjust to the latest patch. Get yourself prepared for some exciting action coming up on the second day of the competition.

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