Esports Latest Happenings In A Nutshell

Esports industry is right now boiling out with the latest happenings around it. We have seen EA making entry into the Battle Royale world along with Blizzard scandals roaming around. Let’s follow up with the two most important news that happened in the last week of eSports world.

Blizzard Continues to Fire Employees

It seems that the measures taken by Blizzard Activision to “make the company profitable” have reached the next level. A report leaked by Bloomberg, one of the media’s most important information portals has spread in the industry like fire. Blizzard has announced hundreds of layoffs, which would take place next week.

Blizzard currently has 10,000 workers

On February 9, Bloomberg published the report. In the report, Blizzard seems to announce a significant number of layoffs cataloged in hundreds without further details.

According to what the company declares in the report is the following; They are part of a restructuring, aimed at centralizing efforts and maximizing profits. What would become the general argument of the multinationals when it comes to justifying dismissals.

Blizzard going down

If we take into account that Blizzard had 9,800 employees at the end of 2017, we can agree on the fact that the video game market is very cruel. These massive dismissals and the situation of a company that has been so extreme are not well understood. Though these dismissals do not have any relevant repercussion within the company.

Blizzard Entertainment in trouble

Credits: Blizzard

Keep in mind, that last Friday the stock market value of Blizzard Activision dropped another 2.5%. This indicates that the company should continue taking measures to readjust the economy. According to experts, it seems that during this 2019 the company will again experience losses, estimated at approximately 2%.

Apex Legends Announce New Map

Apex Legends has become a new phenomenon in video games. Defeating the king of the Battle Royale genre in just three days, Respawn’s is going strength to strength. But from the company, they have already thought about the future. They have also made it clear that the game will not follow the trail of Fortnite. However, it will have new maps instead of modifying the existing one.

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So Respawn will follow a path more similar to that of PUBG than that of Fortnite. They have also made it clear that new weapons will come to the game. Moreover, new skins, characters, and new cosmetic elements such as flag backgrounds or poses will also be part of the upcoming updates.

Apex Legends latest entry in eSports

Credits: Respawn Studios

Respawn will follow the PUBG model at the moment

Although that does not mean that Apex Legends is going to follow the PUBG method. Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn, has made it clear that: If the company finds other methods that can benefit the game, they will follow them. What is summarized is that they will follow the example of PUBG until they find a better method.

For the moment Respawn will remain faithful to their road map. A battle pass in the first season, new characters in the second, new weapons in the third. While finally, in the fourth season we will get new booty. Remember that each season will last for three months. So, at least for now, we will have covered the first year of Apex Legends. Although what comes after can only be speculated.

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