Can old play esports?

There is no age restriction on playing smartphone and PC games. It is all about having the will, and if you are passionate about gaming, then you can find that eSports is a challenging and fun way to spend your time. Lots of gamers spend their time building strategies, getting …


Is CS GO Available for free?

Among all the popular FPS games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a well-liked PC and gaming console title. It is a multiplayer game that is focused on first-person shooter gameplay, and most of the people are loving it. It is the fourth edition in the same installment, and it is widely …


How to seek eSports jobs?

eSports is growing like mushroom these days, and you can find it everywhere around the world. There are millions of gamers getting their hands on some of the impressive PC titles, and it is the reason that this industry is in billions now. Due to this, many IT professionals, engineers, …


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