Apex Legends – An Overnight Success In Esports

It’s no secret that the video game industry is going through a phase marked by the battle royale genre. More and more developers are entering into this field, trying to reclaim the throne occupied by Fortnite. The latest proposal comes from the creators of the Titanfall saga, Respawn Entertainment. The …


The Competitive Landscape Of Fortnite In 2019

The developer of Fortnite, Epic Games, has long been committed to eSports. In the middle of 2018, Epic Games declared its intention to invest $100 million into the Fortnite Competitive Landscape throughout the entire year. In the beginning, however, the company had not yet defined how to present the competitive …


Blizzard Takes The Assault Of Overwatch To Paris

Overwatch New Map Paris

Blizzard usually always prepares a cinematic or some type of audiovisual content at the moment of launching a new map. However, Paris has arrived in the Overwatch RPP without any special arrangements. Paris is an Assault map in which we will have to move through the streets of the French …


The Meta Of Dota 2 In Patch 7.21

Donkey Courier Dota 2

The games have accelerated significantly in Dota 2 with the arrival of Patch 7.21. The structures have less armor, and the increase in the effects of reduction has managed to cause some games to lose control. Added to the changes in the denial mechanics where no additional experience is obtained, …


The Rise Of Dota 2 Custom Game – Dota Auto Chess

Have you seen many of your friends playing Dota 2 lately? Do not worry, they have not gone crazy: it is very unlikely that they are playing Valve’s MOBA. More probable is that they cannot stop playing the custom game, Dota Auto Chess. This custom map by Drodo Studio was …


Korean streamers banned for broadcasting in lingerie

An interesting scandal took place on Twitch on 18th August: Four Korean models streamed in their underwear for more than five hours, which attracted the attention of the western community. The broadcast attracted a peak of 27 thousand spectators. After a few hours, the accounts of all streamers were banned …


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