Evil Geniuses are ready to compete for Ti9 in China

The representative for North America has shown stable results in the past four seasons, but for some reason, they cannot win The International. Today, we will look at their 2018/2019 performance and evaluate their chances of winning the title.

Evil Geniuses are one of the oldest eSports clubs in NA, and they have had a very impressive 2018/2019 Pro Circuit season. The squad, made up of Arteezy, SumaiL, Gustav s4 Magnusson, Andreas Frank Cr1t- Nielsen, and Tal Fly Isaic, performed brilliantly all year. They did not miss a single major and made it to the top three in each. On most occasions, EG was only eliminated by the two best teams of the year – Virtus.pro and Team Secret .

At The Kuala Lumpur Major, the team went into the playoffs after a first place finish in the group stage. Unfortunately, they then unexpectedly lost to Ninjas in Pyjamas in the winners’ bracket. In the lower bracket, EG fought hard and made it to the grand finale, where they were again beaten, this time by Virtus.pro. At the next major in Chongqing, their line-up reached the semifinals, but the strongest team of the tournament, Team Secret, eliminated them in the playoffs. 

No luck for EG

At the third major of the season – DreamLeague Major – after another great run in the group stage, EG unexpectedly lost to Keen Gaming and were then eliminated by VP in the lower bracket. At the MDL Disneyland® Paris Major, the squad was once more pushed to the lower bracket by Team Secret. They made their way to the semifinals, where they lost to Team Liquid.

The last major of the season, however, was an utter disappointment for Evil Geniuses. The team finished the group stage in third place, and in the first match of the playoffs, they lost to OG. However, this tournament meant little to the American club, because even before it began, EG had already secured a ticket to The International 2019. 

What to expect in TI9?

The competitive results from EG have shown promise over the years. The team knows well how to control the game, yet they fail to bring consistency to their important tournaments. If eSports were awarded with medals, Evil Geniuses would surely have collected several bronze medals by now.

To reign supreme in China, Evil Geniuses need to figure out how to make a new qualitative breakthrough in their gameplay. If we take into account the results of their whole season, EG would easily be placed among the top 4. But there are two factors that may not allow it. Firstly, TI9 will be held in China, where there are plenty of Chinese teams that will pose a problem for the visiting Americans. Secondly, Virtus.pro and Team Secret will arrive in Shanghai, and EG have not won against either of these two giants this season. Therefore, our forecast is that they will place in the top 8.

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