There Will Be No Fantasy League Of Summer Split 2019

Unfortunately, we have bad news for the community of League of Legends. Riot games recently revealed that their will be no Fantasy LCS for the Summer Split 2019. Chris Greeley, the LCS commissioner made the announcement on the League of Legends Nexus. He revealed that  Riot was not able to find the best partner to enforce the development of the fantasy League.

We know this is a huge disappointment for the community, since the enthusiasts of  League esports simply loved it. There were several hints regarding the cancellation of the League. SInce none of their official networks delivered any official news. A few week ago some online platforms revealed that we will not be getting the fantasy league. But the community still had hope since there was no word from Riot itself. Yet after this news fans on Reddit have criticized Riot for the the lack of communication.

Words of the developer

Greely said that Fantasy needed a major rework from its previous edition of Summer 2018. He also stated that the developer had no intention of removing it but they couldn’t find the right partners. He acknowledged that Riot is well aware of the comments that say the the developer should not have any problem running a simple fantasy game. But he also emphasized that Riot wanted something more than that.

The problem encountered by the devs of LoL was that they needed third-party expertise to achieve their goal. They wanted a league that could last for an entire year and not just for the Splits. He ended his statement by saying that “Fantasy isn’t our business,”.

A new league for 2020?

Greely emphasized in the post that Riot tried to negotiate with several companies, in the esports and fantasy sports ecosystem. But none of them were able to match their requirements. Some wanted a lot more money and some didn’t wanted to do it all. While some just didn’t match up with the long term vision of Riot games.

We will get the next update about the fantasy league in 15th July. Riot has even hinted a possibility that we might get a reworked fantasy league for 2020 Spring Split. The devs are hopping to surprise the community with fantasy league that we have never seen before in the world of eSports.

Pro View Service to be launched in the next few weeks

To keep the fans satisfied, Riot Games is planning to launch Pro View. With the help of the service, the community will be able to monitor the actions of each player separately. The Pro View will allow you to simultaneously run up to four parallel broadcasts.

View through Pro View can be synchronized with friends to watch the matches together. Service users will also have access to a special timeline, in which key points of the game will be marked.

It is expected that Pro View will be launched during the summer season. The subscription price for each region (LCS or LEC) will be $ 14.99, and the total subscription for both regions can be purchased for $ 19.99. The income from the service will be distributed among all participants of the franchise leagues.

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