FaZe Wins BLAST Pro Series Miami

Saturday was filled with surprises at the BLAST Pro Series Miami, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) tournament. Astralis, the number one in the HLTV ranking, entered the competition as the title favorite.

The Danish side lost all three games of the day, suffering a 16-2 to Made in Brazil (MIBR). Liquid contested the final against FaZe after a five-game win streak in the group phase. However, the team was unable to assert its dominance against the Europeans. Nikola “NiKo”ā€™s team had its fair share of troubles before the competition. But, in Miami, they got three wins in the league phase and won the title 2-0.

Final – FaZe 2 – 0 Liquid

This was Liquid’s second consecutive competition which featured Jake “Stewie2k”, a former MIBR player, in the line-up. In the first map, the Overpass, the Americans were outplayed at the Watsco Center in Miami, USA. Playing the terrorists, FaZe took the lead of the first half by 10 to 5. After the break, Havard “rain” and team lost only one round and won the first game of the series 16 to 6.

At Dust2, Rain narrowly missed on the 15-round kill record. The Norwegian player got two aces in three rounds and with a couple of more kills could have broken the record. The Europeans did have some problems as Liquid managed to get on the scoreboard. Stewie2k and boys were losing by 12 to 2 and made an interesting comeback by getting the scoreline to 14-12.

Faze Wins

In a game with 33 frags of rain, the European won the series 2-0 with a 16-12 on Dust II. With this deserving victory, FaZe won its first title of the BLAST Pro Series. The European team took home almost $ 500,000 and NiKo was awarded the MVP prize of the tournament. With 10 points earned, FaZe is in third place on the circuit, behind Liquid and Astralis, respectively. The MIBR occupies the fourth spot.


The Brazilian side led by Gabriel “FalleN” kicked off their campaign against the “Danish kings”, Astralis. In Overpass, playing as CT, the MIBR team started on the front foot. After the map reached 2-2, Marcelo “coldzera” and squad completely outplayed Astralis and did not lose a single round. Coldzera had an impressive display on Overpass with 24 kills.

After seeing off Astralis, MIBR competed against, the reformulated Cloud9, the team again shined with the 16-6 win. John “felps” surprised the Americans with beautiful plays alongside Fernando “fer”.

Hard Luck for Brazilians

In a match that would decide who would face Faze in the final, the Brazilian failed to beat Team Liquid. The deciding game was held on Overpass. The first half was evenly contested by both team, but after the break playing as CTs, the Americans dominated and won by 16 to 10. Even with the loss, MIBR claimed to secure third place in the tournament.

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