Feb 2019 Week 4 - CSGO News Recap

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Drama, action, and whole a lot of new competitions. We have prepared a weekly news recap of all the action that took place last week in the world of CSGO.

BLAST Pro Series São Paulo Announced

FaZe Clan, Team Liquid, and Ninjas in Pajamas are invited to the BLAST Pro Series São Paulo. The CS: GO tournament will take place on March 22nd and 23rd, at the Ibirapuera Gymnasium in São Paulo, Brazil. These teams will join Astralis and the Brazilians MIBR, the first to receive invitations to the CS: GO Championship.

Credits: BLAST Pro Series

The three recently invited teams are currently in the top 6 of the HLTV world rankings. The rankings were updated after the playoffs of Katowice ended a few days ago. It will be the first time a BLAST Pro Series event is going to take place in Brazil, and there is still room for a team. The teams will face each other in the group stage. The best team of each group will face each other in the grand finale to be played in a BO3 format.

Besides the title, these exceptional sides will also compete for the prize of US $ 250 thousand.

50% Discount on Viewer Pass

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) has received an update. According to the updates released by Valve, bug fixes were performed on some maps. The Danger Zone, the CS: GO Battle Royale, received improvements in viewer mode. Also new is the 50% discount on the Katowice 2019 Viewer Pass.

Credits: Valve

Its an Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Katowice Major 2019 spectator pass that awards prizes when watching live competition matches on Twitch TV. In addition, the buyer will have access to the Pick’Em Challenge and all the stickers of the participating teams. Even the graffiti until the end of the tournament and cash drops. Though Valve has not released a date for the end of the promotion.

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IGS Bonus Announced

The Intel Grand Slam Season 2 (IGS) was announced last night by ESL. The organization will award $ 1 million to the team that is the first to win four premier-level contests in the game. Altogether, ten championships are inside the circuit of the prize. The first of them is the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Katowice Major 2019, which has a final scheduled for March 3.

Premier-level competitions only include the tournaments organized by ESL and DreamHack Masters. In addition to IEM Katowice, IEM Sydney, DreamHack Masters Dallas, and ESL One: Cologne are among the tournaments included in Season 2 of the Grand Slam. More championships will be announced as the CS: GO competitive season advances.


Credits: IEM

In Season 2, however, there will be something new. The “Giant Killer Bonus” was added, a prize of US $ 100,000. This was done for the team that beat the opponent in the grand finals of any IGS event.

IEM Katowice Major 2019 takes from February 13 to March 3 in Poland. 24 teams will play a million dollars. Playoff matches will begin from tomorrow. It’s where the best teams in the world are competing for supremacy.

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