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How to Multibox in WOW Classic?

Multibox in WOW Classic

Multibox is the sharing of two accounts on WOW, which provides two players to play together. There is no issue in playing Multibox, but Blizzard has problems with two accounts working together on in the game. This feature is mainly for friends, couples, etc. as it provides them a platform …


How to Get to Argus in WOW?

Get to Argus in WOW

Argus is one of the new features which is added to the new version of WOW. After defeating the Kil Jaeden in the Tomb of Sargeras, Illidan Stormrage opts for Sargerite Keystone for opening a rift between the Azeroth and Argus. It helps to make the Argus visible in Azeroth’s …


How do FIFA Scream Cards Work?

FIFA Scream Cards Work

Scream Cards in FIFA 20 is mainly used for the Halloween promotions. It helps to provide a new feature to the game, which makes the players have more fun. Halloween promotions allow the players to know how to have fun and stay connected with the game. FIFA 20, a football-based …


The best Strikers FIFA 20?

best Strikers FIFA 20

FIFA strikers are the players who are considered as the kings of this game. It shows the entire performance and capabilities of the players when they get a tag of the striker. The new features, when gets added to the game then it allows the strikers to use more skills …


How do FIFA Sliders Work?

FIFA Sliders Work

Sliders are the tool that is used to define the accuracy of the shots. It helps the players to work properly and allows them to shot as per the right accuracy. The more the value of the sliders means, the shot will go off the target. It means that players …


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