Fissure Will Pay A $3000 Fine For Leaking Overwatch League Information


Esports is an industry where you can get fined heavily if you go against the rules. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a big shot in esports or a newcomer, you will get fined if you against the rules. The same can be said about Baek “Fissure” Chan-hyung, an Overwatch professional player who has been fined for leaking Overwatch League information.

Fissure is a former player for Seoul Dynasty where he played as the main tank. He returned to the Overwatch League a few days ago after Vancouver Titans decided to add him to their roster. However, before he can start playing for his new team, the latter will have to pay a fine of $3000 as he previously leaked some sensitive and exclusive information regarding something that will be added to the game.

 Overwatch League

The main tank left his former team, Seoul Dynasty on June 26, 2019, and decided to take a break from professional Overwatch. It came as a surprise to everyone as Fissure made these decisions without any prior announcement or without giving any reasons. Right after this happened, he decided to stream on his Twitch channel where he talked with his fans. However, the stream that was meant to serve as an online meet-up session with his fans turned into something worse.

The Leaked Information

While talking to his fans, Fissure decided to talk about some he shouldn’t have had. He leaked information about the 2-2-2 role lock coming to the Overwatch League during stage four. Not only this, but the latter casually leaked the sensitive information by claiming that he’s retired so he’ll say it now. Before that, no one knew whether the role lock is going to arrive in the game or not. In fact, it was considered a rumor by most players. Numerous outlets did report about the role lock coming to the Overwatch League at some point, but no one was able to confirm it officially. However, only a few weeks after the information was leaked, role lock was finally added.

 Overwatch League

At the point, Fissure thought that leaking such sensitive information would not result in any consequences. However, he sure was wrong. After he joined the Vancouver Titans and returned to the professional scene, many players started wondering whether he is going to face consequences for his actions or not. However, while the Overwatch League didn’t make any statement about this, the League’s official discipline tracker has been updated with punishment for Fissure.

His Punishment

The tracker has revealed that Fissure will be fined $3000 for “sharing confidential league information.” For those wondering, Fissure and other Overwatch League players had information about the role lock weeks before its release so they could prepare for it. However, the main tank just couldn’t hold it in anymore and decided to tell his fans about it.

In any case, Fissure will have to pay this fine before he can start playing for his new team. In addition to this, the latter will surely remain careful from now on.

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