Five Reasons Why Artifact By Valve Was A DIsappointment

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Artifact is one of the creations of Valve that has given so to talk about in recent months. The reasons for being in the spotlight are quite controversial. The game promised so much yet it failed in a matter of months.

There are many reasons for the failure of Artifact. The day after its launch, Artifact found its maximum number of players exceeding 60,000. However, two months later, in January, the number of players did not reach a thousand mark.

Artifact UI

Credits: Valve

Fall From Day 1

From its presentation in The International 7, this game received a lot of criticism from the public, that boosted its announcement. The trailer on YouTube got the same reaction. Since it pointed out that Valve allegedly abandoned other franchises such as Half-Life, one of the most anticipated games. It hinted that the developer wanted to squeeze more and more money from the community. Since this collectible cards genre is known to squeeze money from the players.

Emptying wallets

Artifact is based on the lore of the Dota 2. Dota 2 is not only a game of a very different genre, but it is also in the Free To Play category. So, Valve should not be surprised by the terrible audience response for Artifact. Since they requested € 17.95 to play the game.

Artifact a Failure

Credits: Valve

Lack of advertising

On the other hand, as with other titles, Valve does not devote much effort to advertising. This makes it very difficult to attract players from other games. To make matters worse, in this genre, players need to invest large amounts of money to get their decks in shape. Since some of the players have already made purchases. It makes it more tedious to change the game now and start over. We believe that this move could backfire badly.

Future of Artifact

In recent days Valve has announced that it will continue working on Artifact. The announcement has fallen like a jug of cold water, not for the reason for the announcement, but for the little information, it brings. Valve does not provide details about what steps to take or the ideas you have in mind.

Artifact a disappointment

Credits: Valve


The only information they have given is that it will be a long-term process. According to unconfirmed data, all users will receive a full set of cards. Paid tournaments will also disappear from the game – they will be replaced by rating and regular matchmaking in Constructed and Draft modes. Monetization will be carried out using customization cards.

Following the footsteps of CS:GO

In August 2012, Valve released CS: GO, which could not collect more than 30 thousand users per month on average for more than a year. Developers had to work long and hard on the game and stir up interest in it using e-sports. Artifact fans can only hope that Valve will listen to their opinion and correct all the shortcomings. Perhaps this time it will not take a whole year.

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