FMPONE Thinks CS:GO's Custom Player Models Are Game Breaking

CS:GO’s latest operation “Shattered Web” was released a few days ago. The update has added a lot of new content to the game and has also made some changes to the gameplay. Although almost every player is happy with the content that has arrived, Shawn “FMPONE” Snelling, one of the game’s map creator, thinks something else.

Custom Player Models

The latest update basically introduced customizable characters. Players can equip and use these characters. They are being called “agents” and just like weapon skins, they have their own rarity level. At the moment, players can choose from Distinguished agent, Superior agent, Exceptional agent, and Master agent.


For those who don’t know, FMPONE is one of the creators of the de_chache map. Recently, he talked about the custom player models that were added to CS:GO through the recent Shattered Web update. On Twitter, the latter spoke against the custom player models and provided some reasons.

FMPONE Talks About New Models

The map creator claimed that custom player models in CS:GO are game-breaking, and the only way for the idea to work is to introduce an option to disable it. He added the idea is bad for gameplay as mappers pick certain skins because they want clear contrast. The latter went on to say that he knows Valve doesn’t want to hear this.

One thing to keep in mind here is that the custom model players are not affecting any CS:GO tournaments. Even FMPONE claimed this that the update isn’t affecting CS:GO tournaments in any way. This is because organizers have the option to disable new models if they are affecting competitive play. For instance, FACEIT is one of those who have decided to go with the default models for the ECS season eight finals. They made this decision after discussing the matter with teams and the Counter-Strike Professional Player’s Association. They might think that custom model players might have an effect on the gameplay of players.

Casual Players Will Get Affected By This

However, while CS:GO tournaments won’t get affected by it, FMPONE thinks that casual players who play matchmaking are going to become a target of the issue. He thinks that the introduction of custom player models is going to create some problems for them. Many players, including some professional CS:GO players replied to his Tweet and agreed to what he said. Professional CS:GO caster Daniel ‘ddk” Kapadia replied that he totally agrees with what FMPONE said as competitive integrity should never be compromised.

At the moment, Valve has yet to confirm whether they are going to do something about this or not. However, considering one of the map creators is saying this, they will most likely introduce an option to disable the custom player models. The developers have added these new models only to attract new players toward the game, but it is something no player has experienced before. All we can do is wait and see what the developers are going to do about this issue.

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