Forge Confirmed As Apex's New Character

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Apex Legends season 3 is going to end soon, meaning that players will now get to enjoy a brand new season. The next season, season 4, is currently expected to better than the current one in every way as it will feature some exciting new content. And now, the developers have even finally confirmed who the next character is going to be.

When Apex was first released, everyone was excited to play it because of its unique characters. However, the thing which has always bothered players is the fact that Respawn is very slow when it comes to adding new characters. They have a habit of adding one one character per season, and a total of three legends have been added to Apex since its release. Octane was added to the game with season 1, Wattson arrived with season 2, and Crypto was added through season 3.

Next Apex Character

Since the past few days, many players were wondering who the next character is going to be since Respawn was silent about it. The developers never talked about upcoming characters, and this gave birth to many speculations and rumors. But now, the developers have finally confirmed that Forge is going to be the next character of Apex Legends.

During a recent livestream hosted by the developers of Apex Legends, it was confirmed that Forge is going to get added to the game’s list of legends with the next season. Tom Casiello, who is the game’s writer, claimed that this new legend is a brawler and is the exact opposite of Crypto. He even decided to provide us with some history about who Forge really is.

According to Casiello, Forge is a former MMA Champion who wanted to conquer Apex Games as a challenge. The most interesting thing about Forge is that he is the first Legend to ever get sponsored by a corporation. Forge’s journey will be fully sponsored by Hammond Robotics, the parent company of Titanfall. This enterprise might also be behind the changes that will take place in World’s Edge.

Forge’s Abilities

Unfortunately, the developers didn’t share any information regarding the abilities of Forge. However, there is no need to feel down as a popular data miner who goes by the name That1MiningGuy has our back. Some time ago, this data miner searched the game’s files and discovered this character’s abilities.

The data miner revealed that Forge will have an ability called Pull Shot through which he will be able to pull enemies towards himself or will be able to launch himself in the air. It is sort of a mini-grapple. The skill also had a file called Ground Slam, indicating that Forge will be able to slam into the ground after he goes airbone. If done right, it can deal great damage to an opponent.

There is also an ability called K.O Punch. As its name suggests, Forge will be able to land an uppercut on his enemy. There were two passives for him discovered in the game’s files. The first one is On the Ropes which increases the damage done by melee attacks whenever Forge is low on health. The second one is Victory Rush which restores Forge’s health and increases his speed by 30 percent for 10 seconds.

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