Former NiP Coach Accuses Organization For Not Paying Him

Former Ninjas in Pyjamas coach for Aaron Clairvoyance Kim said that the organization did not pay him more than $ 17 thousand. This amount includes the salary for March and April, as well as a percentage of the prize money received from OGA Dota PIT Minor 2019.

In a post on TwitLonger, Kim announced that his contract with the organization ended on March 30. He was promised that the agreement would be extended, but there was no confirmation of this information from the head of the club. On April 6, the coach wrote to the CEO about the extension of the contract to The International 2019, but he was ignored.

Broken down negotiations

In a conversation about team problems with Peter, ppd Dager, the trainer asked for 7.5% of the prize money. According to Kim, the captain of NiP agreed to this distribution. Clairvoyance noted that for three months he did not receive a percentage of the money earned by the team. The coach tried to record the conversation through his phone. Yet he failed since in the recording we can only hear noises.

After winning the Major, Kim recalled his share, but ppd wanted to reduce it to 5%, as the team would most likely go to TI. The captain hinted that if the coach insists on 7.5%, “then he will watch the tournament from his home. Dager also criticized the work of Clairvoyance in the grand finals of the Minor.

NiP’s side of the story

On May 1, Kim left the team. He told ppd that he would post information about the debt in a public space. The captain of the replied that without recording the conversation, the coach would receive nothing.

Last night, NiP clarified everything on Reddit. The organization revealed that Kim is right that he was refused on contract extension. But after getting denied, he tried to threaten the players and the organization. NiP didn’t take any legal action and even decided to pay the player. The organization still didn’t pay him the tournament winnings. Since they told that Valve takes care of the winnings and distributes them directly to the players. Ninjas in Pajamas won the OGA Dota PIT Minor 2019 , which took place from April 22 to April 28, 2019 in Croatia. They earned $ 125 thousand.

What will happen in the future

This all that we know so far regarding this controversy. We really hope that the thing will settle fast, since we are a few weeks away from the Minor and this case could have a negative influence on the team. The EU side will want to keep its focus on the competition instead of getting dragged to such problems.

A few days ago, we had another contract problem in Fortnite with “Tfue”. We believe that the eSports industry really need regulated body to look after these contract issues, instead of these private organizations.

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