Fortnite developers finally getting a break

The developers at Fortnite are taking a break from their busy schedules. Epic Games made this announcement in a recent blog on the Survival Shooter website. The offices are closed from today through July 8th. The developers are taking a summer vacation. Official tournaments will not be held in the next two weeks. New content updates will still continue to take place in Fortnite, however. Epic Games communicated the details of the content in their patch notes. Downtime and server maintenance are not expected in the next 14 days. The event, “14 Days of Summer,” will begin soon.

New summer event announced

Epic Games didn’t hesitate to post details about their next Fortnite updates in the patch notes. The changelogs usually go live with the updates. At what time the patches are unlocked, however, Epic made sure not to reveal. In the meantime, fans should sit back and wait for the 14 Days of Summer event.

Recently, Dataminer had already discovered evidence of such an event in the source code of Fortnite. The event could be similar to “14 Days of Winter,” which Epic Games launched on the occasion of their Christmas vacation last year. At that time, players had to accomplish a new task every day. Weekly challenges are also firmly planned for Epic Games’ holiday season. As soon as further information reaches us, you will learn it as usual on our website.

Time to upgrade your PC

If you’re playing Fortnite on an older PC, you might need to upgrade it soon. Epic Games will soon be raising their system requirements for the game. In the future, a DirectX 11-capable graphics card is required.

DirectX 11 becomes a requirement

Although Fortnite specified DirectX 11 as a system requirement a few weeks ago, the shooter was still playable on PCs that had no such graphics card installed. That changes with Season 10. Because of this, players who play on PCs with older graphics cards may experience problems. If you are a lover of the game, then you should be interested in purchasing a new graphics card.

Epic Games states that this change allows the team to focus on optimizations in the future. There are already many discussions around this change. Some have criticized Epic Games for it. Others point out that DirectX 11 has existed for about eight years, and thus it is probably about time to use it.

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