Fortnite: FaZe Jarvis Banned From The Game For Using Aimbot

Fortnite is the kind of game in which cheating or using any kind of cheating software can get you banned. Some players get temporarily banned from the game and they can return to it after a week. But some receive a permanent ban and they can never play it again. The same has recently happened with one of FaZe’s top Fortnite players who has received a permanent ban from Epic Games. The professional player was using an aimbot in some of his matches without realizing the consequences.


Jarvis Kayne Banned From Fortnite

FaZe Clan’s Jarvis Kayne is the very player who has been permanently banned from Fortnite. The latter uploaded a set of videos on his YouTube channel in which he was using the aimbot software during his matches. He was uploading these videos on his alternate channel, but Epic Games was quick to find him. Without realizing that he can be banned for life because of his actions, Jarvis was just trying to provide entertainment to his viewers.

Apology Video

Right after the ban took place, Jarvis decided to tell his fans about what happened through a video. In a video titled “I’ve been Banned from Fortnite (I’m Sorry), Jarvis explained how he didn’t realize the consequences. At the start, he confirmed the news about him getting banned on Fortnite for life. He then claimed that he recently posted some videos in which he was using aimbot in solos and playground mode. He was doing all this just because he knew such videos will be entertaining and interesting for his viewers. Because of this, it never crossed his mind that he could be banned from Fortnite because of what he was doing.

While Jarvis wasn’t using the software in a tournament, he was still violating Epic Games’ terms of services as he was using the aimbot against other players. On Twitter, the Fortnite pro claimed that he is going to take accountability for his actions and understands what has happened. He also added that if he knew about the consequences, he would’ve never done anything like it.

The Reaction of the Community

The reaction of the Fortnite community is mixed. Some are against him while others are with him. Those who are against him are claiming that his actions were impacting players who were becoming a target of his aimbot. However, some people think that he doesn’t deserve a permanent ban for his action. Since this is the first time Jarvis has done something like this, Epic Games should just issue him a temporary ban as a warning.

Some players are highlighting the ban of Damion “XXiF” C. The player was banned for only two weeks after he was found farming kills. He was only removed from the Fortnite World Cup finals and was banned for only 14-days. However, he was still able to complete in the Duos final of the world cup. Considering how much Jarvis has contributed to Fortnite, Epic Games should compensate in his case too and give him a temporary ban instead of a permanent one.

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