Fortnite - How to Change Character?

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If you love to have a different character and individuality, then you should try to change your character in Fortnite. It can only be possible if you change skins and other features of the character. Players usually want to show their uniqueness in the game to the other players and want to make a different image. Changing your character in the game can help you to confuse your enemies and have a different look and style

When Fortnite first released, then it don’t have many features and character changing options. But you are lucky that now you are able to have these options and can opt for a new look in the game. It’s essential for you to know about the various features of the game so that you can have advantages from them. When Epic Games have launched Fortnite, they introduced so many features along with it so that players can have more fun and cannot get bored. You can change character by buying new skins, and that can only be possible with the help of V–Bucks’.

Fortnite - How to Change Character

If you want to learn more about various aspects of Fortnite, then you can consider this article. It will help you to know how you can change your character.

Ways to Change Character

  • If you want to change your character in the game, then you can download the game on the epic Games site so that you can able to get new costumes. This site helps the players to get new clothes and skins for their characters.
  • After getting the game through Epic Site, then you can buy the skins with the help of V-Bucks or from Season Battle Pass. These two things can help you to get the costumes from the stores to change to your character in the game.
  • If you prefer to get the battle pass, then it is the cheapest option you can go to have more skins. Once you are able to get your new skin, then you can change the outfit of your character.
  • You can also prefer to get the skins for your locker, for you have already purchased them. For that, you need to go to the locker and tab to the menu. From there you have to select the outfit which you want to. Always remember that this can only work when you have already unlocked the skin in your locker.
  • If you are playing on a PC, then you have to double click on the buttons that are X and O on the console. By getting knowledge from all the above points, you can easily be able to get new skins and change your character.


You can easily be able to change your character in Fortnite if you follow the points mentioned above. It can help you to have new skins and many other things for your character. All the points have their own existence and importance in providing you the all the features for changing your character.

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