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Today, Fortnite viewer mode has been discovered by a Reddit use. While Floor is Lava arrives in Fortnite.

Viewer Mode

It seems that no matter how hard Epic Games try, the news about its battle royale always breaks before the official announcements. In this case, players have had access to some features of the new Fortnite viewer mode. So we already have a lot of clues about how this mode will work once activated.

This is because, in Reddit, one user informed the rest that he had a glitch in the game lobby. Moreover, as proof, he uploaded a video of everything he found. In it, the player can see the option “Spectate a Match” displayed when the viewer mode menu is opened.

My game glitched out and showed me how the full spectator option will work (Possibly coming in the next update?) from r/FortNiteBR

Two options in the viewer mode

In fact, the player found this feature by chance when trying to change the game mode. It is not a menu that is normally displayed in the lobby. However, it appeared in the lower right corner of the screen. Once the player enters, we saw how two different options appear.

The first is “Join Friend Session”. When you select it, a small message appears saying that there are no friends playing at this time. This may be due to the fact that the function is not yet implemented. Or the player was not connected to his friend list at that time. However, we already know that we can see the games of our friends.

On the other hand, the option “Join Game Session” also appears. This shows an interesting option since it asks the user for a session ID. It seems that we can share the codes of the game so they can see us live.

When will we see it?

As the player could not advance in any of the options, we know nothing more about this viewer mode. However, other users have reported that they have also experienced the glitch. They say that restarting Fortnite removes the option. Of course, most of them agree that it seems that the menu is quite polished. So it is likely that they will implement it soon. Will it come with the next update? Let’s wait and watch.

Floor Is Lava Arrives

Epic Games has confirmed through its own news channel, the arrival of The Floor is Lava, a new mode of Fortnite. The Floor is Lava is a game in which the participants imagine that the ground is made of lava. They must avoid touching it and if somehow they manage to come in contact with it they will “burn”.

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Credits: Fortnite

This mode seeks to revitalize the gameplay of the battle royale. Epic Games never ceases to surprise the loyal community of Fortnite with numerous updates. According to the rumors, it is a limited time game mode. It means that you can have access to it for a limited time.

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