Fortnite: Some of the Top Weapons Present in The Game

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Epic Games’ Fortnite is regarded as the most popular battle royale title out there. The game is filled with many amazing things, and you have to make use of the resources to emerge victorious in a match. Aside from building and gathering materials, the main thing you have to do is getting your hands on some good weapons. Without a decent weapon, you just can’t survive in Fortnite.

Top Weapons

At the moment, there are different types of weapons available in Fortnite. Not all of them are amazing and you should consider switching a weapon for a specific type of weapon. Today, we are going to mention some of the best weapons available in Fortnite to help you pick the right one. Keep in mind that the damage of the weapon will depend on the level of rarity it has. The higher the rarity level of a weapon, the more damage it will do.

fortnite weapons

Assault Rifles

The Assault Rifle is the easily the favorite weapon of manyFortnite players. It has been around since the game was released, and it canhelp you get a lot of eliminations if used right. The best thing about thisweapon is that it can be fired as both automatic and semi-automatic, so you canset it to your desired function. This also makes it an ideal weapon for short,medium, and even long-range battles.

Tactical Shotgun

If you’re looking for something that can help you take downopponents in close range battles, then the Tactical Shotgun is somethingperfect for you. This weapon is used by many players because of the fact thatit can take down enemies quickly. In addition to this, most people prefer thisone over the Pump Shotgun because of its higher fire rate. A higher fire ratealways means that missing a few shots won’t have a major effect on your fight.

The Rocker Launcher

Are you looking for something that can cause destruction? Then the Rocket Launcher is what you’re looking for. Just like seen in other games, this weapon is really powerful, and nothing can stand against it. It can be used to take down both builds and opponents. The rocket fired from this launcher can inflict a lot of damage on your opponent. The best thing is that they won’t be able to counter you. There has been a serious debate going around about whether this weapon should exist in the game or not.


Bolt-Action Sniper

If you’re a fan of long-range battles and love to cover yourteammates from far away, then the Blot-Action Sniper Rifle can fulfil yourdesires. Sniper rifles are something that have existed in Fortnite from thestart, but not all of them are amazing. However, the Bolt-Action Sniper Riflehas remained the favorite sniper of players since the day it was added to thegame. You must make every shot count as a single bullet can cause seriousdamage to your opponent.

These were some of the top weapons available in Fortnite. Wehope that our post will help you choose the right weapon.

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