Fortnite Tips and Tricks to Win A Match

It doesn’t matter which game you are playing; you have to learn some things first before you can get the hang of it. Every game, especially multiplayer games, requires you to learn different skills and tips so that you can emerge victorious in the match. Same is the case with Fortnite, one of the top battle royale titles in the world.

Important Tips and Tricks

Fortnite has been around for some years now, and it is safe to say that it is easily one of the biggest video games out there. The game is played by millions of players every month, and professional tournaments are hosted for it throughout the year. Today, we are going to share some tips and tricks that can help you survive longer during a match and even win it.


Choose the Right Weapon

The first thing you need to do is choose the right weapon. This is something that will play a really important role in your match. Although you won’t have a lot of options during the early stages of the game, it will be wise to swap a basic weapon for a good one as soon as you can. You might even get lucky and land next to a high tier weapon at the start.

Gather All Resources

The second thing you need to do is gather all the requires resources. You must make sure that you have enough health and shield positions in your inventory. Pick up as many bandages as you can, but don’t fill your backpack with them as you must save space for other things too.

Don’t Always Take the Shot

The third thing you need to understand is that taking down an opponent is not always necessary. Other players can actually hear the sound you make if they are nearby. If you see an opponent far away, its best to not shoot him from far away if you’re not sure about whether you’ll take him down or not. This is because you’ll only end up attracting nearby enemies and squads. And once this happens, you’ll get eliminated before you know it.

fortnite shot

Build, Build, and Build

The thing which makes Fortnite different from other battle royale titles is building. This is something that you should master as without you, you cannot secure many victories. This feature will allow you to build walks, stairs, and other structs in the middle of nowhere. To do this, you need to have enough materials. For those wondering, materials can be gathered by dismantling this in the map. You can get metal by dismantling cars by using your Pickaxe, wood by chopping trees, and bricks by taking down buildings.

Keep an Eye on The Circle

The final thing we will suggest is to keep an eye on the circle, or as called in Fortnite, the storm. The circle will get smaller and smaller as the time passes, and you must make sure that you’re inside the it. During the late stages of the game, your health will drop down really quickly if you’re outside the circle.

These were some important tips and tricks that can help you survive longer in Fortnite. We hope that they will help you become a better player. Struggling to merge Fortnite accounts? Here’s a guide.

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