Fortnite World Championship Will Distribute 30 Million Dollars

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Epic Games has been betting very strongly for competitive Fortnite. Events such as the different skirmish with personalities from the sector have helped to establish the foundations of the community. In view of the success that these initiatives will have, the company has decided to raise the stakes for the next big competition. In this way, the Fortnite World Championship will have a prize of 3 million dollars for the winner.

Although the one who rises with the world cup will not be the only one to take something home. Each of the participants will have an insured minimum of $ 50,000. The figure will increase as the position of each player increases until you reach the aforementioned 3 million prize for the winner.

Fortnite World Championship

Credits: Epic Games

30 million on the line

The road to the World Cup will be hard.Starting next April, ten qualifiers will open. All of them online and open to the public. so anyone can reach the world, as long as you have the level, of course. In addition, each of these qualifiers will have a million dollars in prizes. So, even before the World Cup, those who do better will already have rewards. These events will be extended until June 16.

The best one hundred individual players, as well as the best fifty duos, will participate in the main event. The Fortnite World Championship event will take place in New York, from June 26 to 28 where the best players in the Fortnite world will come to shine.

Credits: Epic Games

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More Coming your way

The competitive Fortnite for this 2019 does not end there. Since the weekly tournaments will continue until the end of the year. The jackpot of the prize will remain the same i.e. one million dollars each. So in total, there will be more than 100 million dollars in prizes among all Fortnite competitions. What leaves 2019 as a key year for this game to reach the Olympus of eSports.

No More Planes

Season 8 of Fortnite arrives with many changes. Thanks to the leaks, we know that the map will change, including Pitched Floors. However, one of the news that has most surprised the players is the announcement that the planes of Fortnite will disappear next season.

In a Questions and Answers Session from Epic Games on their Reddit account, a user asked for the Alastorms. The game’s design leader was quick to respond that the planes will be eliminated at the start of season 8.

Credits: Epic Games

Community Approves

The majority of the community has received the news well. There is no reason to include the airplanes in Fortnite. In fact, many of the players were against it. Moreover, so many even criticized Epic for including them in the first place. But now you can rest easy, you will not have to worry about the heavens when you go from one place to another.

We already know that the company takes into account the opinions of the players. In the past, they removed some items, such as the sword, because the players were not happy with it. So it’s no wonder that Fortnite planes have ended up falling.

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