Fortnite World Cup Is Changing the Esports Industry

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The Fortnite World Cup, which ended recently, has stunned the gaming community. When the tournament was first announced, everyone assumed that either a top streamer or a top player from a well-known eSports organization would be the one to win it. However, things didn’t turn out as expected, as no top streamer or player came even close to winning the tournament. Not only that, but even Ninja, who is often touted as the best Fortnite player in the world, failed to qualify for the finals.

Instead, a 16-year-old boy who goes by the name “Bugha” won the $3 million first prize. Even the majority of the top 10 players are not well-known personalities. This proves that having millions of followers on Twitch or belonging to a top-notch eSports organization doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re the best player. You will only win if you have the skills. 

Fortnite World Cup

The World Cup Has Changed the Opinions of Parents 

Aside from helping top players showcase their skills to the rest of the world, the Fortnite World Cup has created many opportunities for players in general, too. It has proved that gaming is not a waste of time and that you can truly choose it as your career. The tournament has also reshaped the way parents think about their children gaming all the time. 

The player who secured 5th place and walked away with $900,000, who goes by KING, claimed that his mother was not in favor of him gaming all the time. However, after this tournament, his mother’s opinion has changed for the better. The same is likely to have happened for other players who participated in the event. 

Impact on The Esports Industry 

The Fortnite World Cup also featured the biggest prize pool yet in the history of esports. Players were competing for a total of $30 million during the finals, which puts it right above The International 2018’s $25 million prize pool as the largest in gaming history. This has surely changed the esports industry drastically, as we will now begin to see even bigger tournaments than this one. Epic Games has also promised that they will be hosting other Fortnite tournaments before the end of this year. 

Fortnite World Cup

This tournament has further confirmed that the future of esports is secure. The esports industry is growing day by day, and it won’t be long before we start seeing more events like this. Before the finals, many fans were wondering what would happen after them. Many of them believed that this would be just like any other esports tournament. However, the tournament has surpassed the expectations of everyone and has given tremendous momentum to the esports industry. If people want esports to survive and keep growing, then organizations should host more events like this.

The Fortnite World Cup has proven that esports is a serious, revenue-generating industry in this era, and this is something that will attract more investors to it. There are some countries where esports is not yet that popular, and these represent opportunities for whole societies to soon understand its importance.

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