Four key insights from The International 2019

The International 2019 ended on August 25. Like all previous tournaments, it will go down in history as one of the greatest competitions and will influence how the Dota 2 scene develops in the future. 

OG is invincible so far

OG dominance continued throughout the tournament – from the first to the last match. The team did not lose a single series – in the group stage, two OG matches ended in a draw while they won the other six games. In most matches, Johan’s n0tail Sundstein team worked with a clear strategy in mind: They dominated their lanes, got the key items, forced teamfights and engaged the enemy until they destroyed the ancient.

You don’t have to win majors to become a TI champion

After being crowned two-time world champion. OG once again proved that at The International no one cares how many majors you won over the season. This TI9 winning squad was assembled a few months before the competition, since Ana rested half of the season, and OG had to settle with a substitute.

Despite the troubles, it was not that difficult to get the TI9 invite this season. Since teams travelled to China by finishing in the top 6 a couple of times in Major, or even just win one major. The tournament in China also proved that winning multiple Majors won’t guarantee a TI title. Since the top 3 sides of the DPC,, Vici Gaming and Team Secret couldn’t make it into the top three in the biggest tournament of the year.

VP the worst performing side

The performance of Virtus.Pro at The International 2019 was the worst since the last three tournaments. Prior to this, managed to climb twice to 5-6th place. Yet at TI9 they couldn’t get into top 8. VP had three great seasons and each time they were labeled as the favorites. Yet in China the side had disastrous results.

So far, no official news has been received about changes in Yet the likelihood of changes happening is much higher than in the past two years. The poor result of the side will not be tolerated by the organization and changes won’t come as a surprise. There are some rumors that the carry of roster Roman “RAMZEs” Kushnaryov can move to Evil Geniuses as an offlaner. We will keep an eye on the updates.

TI expanding to new horizons

Between 2012 and 2017, only Seattle was given the right to host the greatest eSports tournament in a calendar year. Valve started with the relatively small theater Benaroya Hall, later moved to the Key Arena in the same city. Valve was forced to take The International on a world tour since the Arena was under reconstruction. First, they only went far as 250 km to Vancouver. Then made a flight across the ocean to China, and now the next competition will take place in Europe. This shows that we you can be hopeful of seeing TI in your continent/region in the upcoming years.

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