FURIA beats Astralis in the quarterfinals of ECS Season 7

On 8th June, FURIA Esports beat Astralis and progressed to the playoffs of ECS Season 7 Finals. The series was a rematch for the Danes. They were defeated by the Brazilian team in the first game of the competition. However, the result was in favor of FURIA, who won 2-1 in the best of three series: 12-16, in Inferno , 16-10 at Mirage, and 16-13 in Nuke. With the victory, FURIA is qualified for the semifinals of the championship and will face North in search of a place in the final.

First map (Inferno)

The first game of the series was on one of the strongest maps of the Astralis: Inferno. In the beginning, the Danes took full advantage of the map pick. They opened up a good advantage over the Brazilians. FURIA’s reaction came at the end of the first half, after decent plays from Yuri “yuurih” Santos to narrow the gap, 10-5.

After the break, FURIA managed to keep up the good momentum. Despite dropping rounds, the Panthers still managed to close the lead. Unfortunately, Astralis woke up and relied on three eliminations from Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth in the last round. They closed the map at 16-12.

Second map (Mirage)

FURIA started the Mirage by winning the pistol round and built on their lead. The star of the team was Ronaldo “ableJ” Moda Junior. He helped the team to dominate the beginning of the game. Despite Astralis’ recovery, FURIA finished the first half with an 8-7 lead.

In the second half, FURIA won the pistol round, but Astralis fought well in a forced round. The Danes managed to keep control of the scoreboard. It seemed that this second map was the moment for the Danes. However, FURIA had other plans.They got three kills from Vinícius “VINI” Figueiredo to maintain the advantage and close the map in 16-10.

Third map (Nuke)

The start of the final showdown at Nuke was fairly even. After Astralis, took the opening rounds, FURIA found its space and managed to tie the map 4-4. After that, the Danes were able to find themselves and get a bigger advantage on the map. They finished the first half in 9-6.

In the first round after the break, Emil “Magisk” Reif got 4 kills and secured the round for his team. However, FURIA did not shake, showed superiority and managed to turn the score. Despite some scares, the Brazilians maintained their dominance. They closed the map 16-13 to win the series and to guarantee a spot in the semifinals.

The Danes are out of the competition and it seems like we will see them sitting at 2nd place for quite some time. This could be the end of the era for Astralis since they have failed to make their mark in all of the competition they competed in the past months.

ECS Season 7 started on June 6 and has a big final scheduled to take place on Sunday (9). The prize pool is $ 500,000

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