G2 Are Your Champions Of LEC Spring Split 2019

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Just a few days ago, Origen was beaten by G2 Esports in the semifinals of the LEC Spring. Now the two teams met each other again and this time, the winner of the confrontation lifted the trophy. Owing to the exceptional performance of the side in the league and the playoffs. G2 was rated as the favorite to lift the title. Meanwhile, Origen wanted to take revenge for the last 3-0 defeat. The Spanish side also won against Fnatic, the reigning champions of the competition. Now with so much on the line, the atmosphere was electric in the Rotterdam’s Ahoy Arena. Let’s see which team came out on top.

G2 Champions LEC Spring Split 2019

Credits: G2 Esports

Game 1

G2 was not taking anything for granted and picked Sona/Taric bot lane combo in the drafting phase. In the early phase of the game, it was difficult to separate the two sides. Since both teams played passively and didn’t make any exciting plays.

After a while, Origen managed to get the lead after winning a fight in the Dragon pit. Now the game opened up, which led to one team fight after the other. But after every fight, the G2 managed to take control of the game. At the 27th minute mark, the samurai got the Baron and won the team fight. It led to an easy first game win for G2.

Game 2

After losing the first game, Origen decided to adopt the style of G2. In the drafting phase of the 2nd game, this time Origen picked the Taric/Sona combo. To get their fans excited, the Spanish side picked Yasuo in the mid lane. Yet, the Arena erupted after seeing the G2’s draft. The team went back to the funnel composition meta with Morgana as the carry. To contest the Yasuo pick, they got Pyke in the mid lane.

Some doubted the G2 draft but the team was completely on point. From the first minute, the G2 side controlled the pace of the game. After a failed gank by Origen, thing went from bad to worse for the Spanish team. This small but critical mistake was enough for G2 to get kills afters after kills. G2 quickly gained control of the map and the game was won in just 25 minutes after a complete team wipe of Origen near the Baron pit.

Game 3

Now G2 was just one win away from winning the title and Origen was quite aware of it. They decided to go all-in in the drafting phase with Galio/Draven combo. In this game, the team relied on “Patrik” Jírů to shine for the side. Alas, it was not enough as G2 reigned supreme from the first minute. Each player of G2 completely outplayed his counterpart. They were quick in getting objectives and were accurate in predicting every move Origen made.

In the 3rd and last match of the series, G2 ended the game in 18-minutes. Setting an LEC record for the fastest win of all time. This is the fifth European title for the G2 organization.

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