G2 Esports Beats SK Telecom T1 In The Semifinal Of MSI 2019

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G2 Esports beats SK Telecom T1 in a thriller roller coaster of five games at LoL MSI 2019 semi-finals. Let’s have a look at the five game thriller between G2 and SK Telecom T1.

Game 1

The samurai kicked off the series by picking the infamous Sona-Taric combo. SKT was well prepared and to put pressure in the bot lane they picked Ezreal and Karma. This seemed to work since they got the first blood and dominated the laning phase. G2 knew they had to do something to stop SK from snowballing to victory. They tried to open the map as much as possible but that couldn’t stop the Korean from destroying the top inhibitor. SK was quick to time the fights since when G2 got enough farm to mount a comeback. Faker and co marched to the mid lane and won the first game of the series.

Game 2

In the second Game G2 had redemption on its mind. Since the side was the only team to beat SK in both matches of the group stage, they knew how to counter the Korean tactics. They tried to control the game from the first minute and did allow SK to execute their tactics. The French organization won almost every team fight by the slightest margins. It was just enough to get the lead over SKT. The Koreans tried to get control of the mid lane by constantly ganking Caps. Yet it enabled the bot lane to gain the farm and beat the side. G2 won the game after a Pentakill from the MVP of the Spring Split 2019, Caps.

Game 3

In the third of game of the series, CLid carried SKT from start to finish. G2 know that they were in big trouble after Clid got his hand on Rek’Sai. He completely out played the samurai by not only winning the laning phase. But he managed to create space for his teammates. G2 had a late game lineup which failed to stop SKT. The match ended in favor of the Koreans with CLid finishing 10/1/8 on Rek’Sai.

Game 4

G2 need that if they lose this game they would be eliminated from the competition. The side got its hands on the Skarner-Ryze duo that was clinical in Team Liquid’s victory over the world champions. It worked well for the side since the samurai controlled the early and mid game. Yet as we reached the late game, SKT picks started to scale and eventually secured the Baron. The side pushed for the mid lane but found G2 going for the backdoor tactic with Ryze and Gnar. SK tried to recall quickly but this sneaky G2 tactic worked. Now the semifinal was to be decided in the 5th and final game of the series.

Game 5

G2 interesting picked Syndra, Pyke and Lissandra for the last game. SKT failed to react from the constant rotations from Lissandra and Pyke. At one point of the game, the score was 7:2 in favor of G2. At the 28th minute mark SKT got an Ace and went for Baron. But unfortunately G2 spawned quickly and stole the Baron buff to eliminate SK from the map and the competition.

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