The Future Prospects For G2 Esports

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G2 Esports will be on top of the world after winning their first International title in the history of the franchise. The European community will also be ecstatic since it will be its 2nd European title in nine competitive years. At the start of the season, the side took its fair share of risks by recruiting Caps in the mid lane and moving Perks to the bot lane. Yet these changes seems to have paid off in the end.

Now the main objective of the samurai will be replicate this success to Worlds 2019. They have every right to do so since in the past years, G2 has collected five league titles. They were also the semifinalists in the 2018 edition of Worlds. So in the next five months they should prepare themselves for the ultimate trophy.

The perfect roster

We believe that the side doesn’t need to make much effort to train for Worlds. We are well aware of the fact that at such high competitive level, every team wants to improve. Yet at the same time, G2 are just ahead of the curve. They read the game to perfection and their unpredictability factor has been the crucial element to their success in recent months.

G2’s current lineup is absolutely flawless. The top laner of the team, Martin “Wunder” Hansen can play any team and has a habit to carry the team to victory. The jungler of the team, Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski make the perfect rotations. The support of the side, Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle doesn’t hesitate to make room for his ADC to farm. Perkz in the meantime has adopted his role perfectly and can be easily regard as one of the best ADCs of the modern day. Lastly, Caps has the potential to maybe, just maybe take on Faker in the future.

Everchanging playing style

They don’t need to change a single player from the first team. Since the franchise has spent year to finally recruit the perfect team. They might slack off every now and then, but when the really need to perfrom, they come out all guns blazing.

G2 has adopted perfectly to the game of League of Legends. In the their entire campaign at the MSI, they were not afraid to take risks. They played Pyke in the top lane and Syndro bot and made it work. Back in the Spring Split, the even won with a funnel composition. Other teams treid to play thier game but just failed to the might of G2.

Lastly, their conventional style of play is quite aggresive. They don’t hesitate to take on team fights, in the mean time play the vision game to perfection. G2 forces its opponents to use their summoner spells quickly and continue to take advantage of the long cooldowns. They tried to take control of the game from the first minute and even if they fail to do so, they won’t hesitate to take risks. This makes G2 the perfect canidate for the 2019 Worlds champion.

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