G2 Esports Reigns Supreme In LEC Spring Split 2019

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If 2018 was one of the best years in the history of Fnatic in League of Legends, 2019 could not have started worse. After the fourth week of competition, Fnatic continues to be in the last positions of the standings, holding a score of two wins and six losses. The defeat against G2 eSports in LEC Spring Split 2019 on Saturday was a hard blow, leaving little credibility to the team that had its fair share of struggles before the game.

The story doesn’t end here. At the moment, Fnatic is facing the worst start in the history of the club. No club has ever had a poorer start in the history of LEC. As if that were not enough, G2 beat Fnatic with the shortest match recorded in the history of the competition: after 20 minutes and 35 seconds, G2 managed to destroy the nexus of Rekkles and companions.

Shots Fired

To make matters worse, Caps had a few words for Fnatic after the game: this victory meant a lot to him and it was something personal. The mid laner was harshly criticized by his former teammates for abandoning his training at the end of the season. Rekkles said he felt “disappointed” with his attitude and even questioned his level of play.

However, the time has given the reason to Caps and has even made the Swede a very well adoptive player. During a stream, Rekkles himself admitted that Caps was right about the problems the team had. However, he did not miss the opportunity to throw another dart: after seeing the problems the side had and remembering that Caps left the team, he stated that there were several other problems too. It seems that, over anything else, he simply wanted to win.

G2 Esports Caps

Credits: Riot Games

In the meantime, the G2 eSports continued the celebration. In the early morning, Perkz published a video on networks in which Wunder shared the song ‘My Way’ by Frank Sinatra and mentioned Fnatic and the members of its staff. It seems that the Ocelote guys are following the footsteps of their CEO as far as trash talk is concerned.

Why is Fnatic struggling?

The organization is already beginning to look for the ‘culprits’ of this situation. However, the truth is that there are multiple problems instead of just one. The problem of the team began in the drafting stage. Their early compositions are ineffective in the beginning of the game, resulting in penalizing them when the minutes go by.

Fnatic Rekkles

Credits: Riot Games

No replacement for Caps

On the other hand, the exit of Caps has highlighted the importance that the mid laner had in the team. The quality of Nemesis cannot be doubted. At the moment, however, the former MAD Lions star is struggling to fit into the big Fnatic shirt. In the rest of the lanes nothing is seen to improve: the performance of Bwipo makes you miss sOAZ while Rekkles is far from his best level.

Undoubtedly, the start of Fnatic season is disastrous, but there is still an entire season left to be played. Next week we will arrive at the midway of the Spring Split and Fnatic will be aiming to change its fortunes. If they change the dynamic, then they can still enter among the six teams that play the Rotterdam playoffs.

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