Google Making A Jump In Esports Industry?

Today Google takes the most important decision that could change the gaming world. The technological giant will take an important step to get into video games as it is set to give a pitch at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) conference. According to the trailer that announces the event, it will define the future of this industry.

From the competitive point of view, it has all the sense of the world: Microsoft has Xbox, Amazon is the owner of Twitch. While Facebook has been making its first steps in the eSports. Google has all the tools to have a proper name in electronic entertainment thanks to the fact that: Its Android operating system is equipped with three out of four mobile phones.

This puts an astronomical amount of devices at their service. But is that where the shots are going to get fired?

Google Cloud Gaming

Most likely the announcement this afternoon will have to do with the Holy Grail of video games: Cloud computing. The services such as Onlive laid the foundations of the Netflix gaming. The sector has tried with little success to tick the hardware to play next-generation titles. PlayStation Now has played an important part in today’s gaming world.

The two have not yet revolutionized the sector as expected. Since they still need powerful devices to make the streaming gaming service work with certain guarantees.

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The Rumors

The most credible rumors of the premiere of Google in video games is that its platform would work on any device: Mac, phones, compatible computers or televisions. For the latter case, it would be through Chromecast using either an Xbox command Or something else developed by the California giant. The supposed design has been hanging on the network for some time. Everything would not end there.

Google Cloud Gaming

Credits: Geeko

Another of the ambitious ideas circulating on the web is to be watching your favorite streamer. For example, on Twitch you come across a game you like. You simply buy it and continue playing from the point where the streamer left it. These options are not yet available on the currently titles. So it is also speculated that Google provides its own video games of this kind.

What will happen?

Google recently signed Jade Raymond from Electronic Arts, who is one of the biggest minds responsible for the Assassin’s Creed saga. Moreover, they also recruited Phil Harrison, former PlayStation, and Xbox director. Both of them are capable of making the gaming community see stars in the daylight.

Google Cloud

Credits: Google

We must remember that for now, these are conjectures with which Google could surprise everyone with the presentation of a console. However, the clues that we have found do not point in that direction. If in the end the ideas of computing in the cloud are confirmed, they will a revolution in the gaming world with technological guarantees like the absence of lag, of CPU and multiplatform service. We could have a gaming system that fulfills the dream of millions of users.

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