Hand Of Midas Back In Dota 2 Meta

The metagame of Dota 2 is changing and evolving with each patch introduced. Depending on what works best on each occasion, players make their decisions regarding heroes, items or positioning of the lanes. For example, in this latest update, there is an item that is quite prominent, the Hand of Midas. Let’s see what are the reasons for its return.

The use of Hand of Midas in Dota 2 has been triggered since Update 7.21. The item occupies the sixteenth position according to DOTABUFF. After having decreased its choice in the previous patches, it seems that this item is back in fashion, at least in this Meta.

Popular in recent Pro Games

As analyst Alan “Nahaz” Bester says, statistics do not lie. And you can clearly see the growth in the purchase of Hand of Midas in the games of this meta. In 407 confrontations, there have been 485 Hands of Midas, more than one per game. It can be seen in each and every game, including several heroes, both support heroes and “cores”.

The proportion of Hands of Midas in the games of 7.21 is not as high as in that of patches 7.00 to 7.05. However, as the number of games increases, there is likely to be an increase in proportion.

The Fall and Rise of hand Of Midas

If we look at the statistics of the ESL One Katowice and the MDL Macau, we can verify that in each game there are at least two Hands of Midas. This figure is quite low because some games were very fast. In the longest games, you get to see up to four or five heroes buying the Hand of Midas. But the question is, why do professional players prioritize buying this object and why does this goal make sense? Let’s try to find some answers.

Hand of Midas in Dota 2

Credits: BTS

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The reason why the Hand of Midas became so fashionable between patches 7.00 and 7.05 was that there was a shortage of creeps on the map. In addition, the number of times of reappearance of the neutral camps in the jungle was also reduced. Naturally, the players resorted to the Hand of Midas to compensate for the reduced gold collection on the map.

The reasons for the return of the Hand of Midas

In Update 7.06, the reappearance of neutral creatures at each minute was restored. So the popularity of Hand of Midas began to decrease. Moreover, the duration of the games began to decrease. This meta remained the same from 7.08-7.18 to 7.21.

Alchemist Dota 2

Credits: Steam Workshop

There are several compelling reasons why buying a Hand of Midas is effective in this patch:

  • The gold reward of the creeps has been reduced to melee by 3.
  • Ancestral camps in the primary jungle have been replaced by large or difficult camps.
  • The necessary experience has been changed to get from level 7 to 12 of 640/660/680/800/820/840 to 720/750/780/810/840/870 (the difference is 80/90/100/10/20 /30 experience).

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