Here Are The Most Expensive Dota 2 In-Game Items

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DotA 2 is a game that allows players to auction rare and limited skins through the Steam market. Valve’s digital market system means that certain items are marketed at high prices, which amount to more than $ 10,000. At unofficial auctions, these figures are even higher: in 2013 an ethereal flame pink War Dog sold for US $ 38,000. See below the five most expensive transactions of DotA 2 made to date.

Genuine Weta Items

In 2012, Weta Workshop, specializing in miniatures and collectibles entered into a partnership with Valve to produce replicas of items such as the Butterfly, Demon Blade, and Vanguard. When purchasing these items, which are no longer available, the user earned two cosmetics in the game: Genuine Monarch Bow for Drow Ranger and Genuine Phractos Ax for Axe.

Dota 2 Items

Credits: Dev Dota 2

Both items came to be marketed for US $ 1.3 thousand. In the case of Drow Ranger, every time she uses her Ice Arrows with this bow, there are monarch butterflies around her. For Axe, every time he uses Counter-Helix, a circular trail of fire appears. This is the only ax in the game that affects the environment.

Platinum Baby Roshan

This courier was given to players who defeated Roshan faster during the Halloween Diretide 2013 event. Due to the cycles in which the mission was renewed, there are only 140 legitimate Roshan Baby Platinum units. So it justifies the high price. The item sold for $ 3,000, but devalued over time.

Dota 2 Platinum Baby Roshan

Credits: Dota 2

At the time this story was written, there was no unit for sale in the community market. The last purchase was made on February 18, 2019, for $ 1,700 thousand.

Ursa Alpine Stalker Set

The set of visuals that leaves Cowboy-Look Bear was originally released in August 2012 and was priced at $ 13. However, the community complained about the skin on the grounds that it was very unsettled by the hero’s personality. Valve removed items from the store and refunded buyers, but did not remove the skin from the game.

Dota 2 Ursa

Credits: Dota 2

Those who bought the set had a very valuable item in hand: The trading values reached a peak of US $ 2 thousand. Currently, set pieces can be found on the Steam community market and third party sites for $ 6,000 on average.

Golden Baby Roshan

The gold version of the courier was released in 2012 and obtained in the same way as the platinum. There are only 70 legitimate Roshan Baby Gold units, but their starting price was as high as Platinum. It had its peak value registered at $ 13,000.

Dota 2 Platinum baby Roshan

Credits: Dota 2

Pink Ethereal Flame War Dog

In 2013, the Brazilian Arthur “Paada” Zarzur, owner of the sports organization PaiN Gaming. Started a Reddit auction of the War Dog courier with Pink Ethereal Flame and sold the item for $ 38,000. In the same year, Valve introduced an update called “Three Spirits,” which changed the color system and effects of cosmetics.

Wardog Dota 2

Credits: Reddit/Dota2

Enabling the player to link them to gems that can be removed and coupled with other items, the Ethereal Flame effect is one of the community’s favorites.

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