Here's How You Should Play The Newly Added Legend Octane

Apex Legends, EA’s Battle Royale available for PS4, Xbox One and PC, kicked off the first season. In addition to the Battle Pass, the update added the new Octane legend to the game. Characterized by Apex as a “High-Speed ​​Acrobat”, the legend wears a mask and has two robotic legs. To unlock it, you have to spend 12,000 legend chips, one of the currencies in the game. Here are tips for playing with Octane.

According to the website of Apex Legends, Octane’s real name is Octávio Silva, and his age is 24 years. He is heir to the presidents of the pharmaceutical company Silva. He spent most of his time doing acrobatics and recording the videos. On one occasion, he was involved in an accident with a grenade that made him lose both legs. With the help of the character Lifeline, he got a pair of mechanical legs that boost his speed.

Health Regen

Each legend in Apex Legends has three special abilities: Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate. In the case of Octane, his Passive skill is “Swift Mend”. As the name suggests the passive automatically regens the Legend’s life over time with the exception of Lifeline’s Combat Medic. Octane is the only character in Apex Legends who can heal without using syringes or medical kits.

This characteristic of the legend allows you to put offensive items in the backpack. You can exchange grenades and shields for syringes, which recover 25% of life.

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Increase speed

The Octane Tactic skill is a stimulant boost that makes the player 30% faster for 30 seconds. The ability uses a small portion of his life. However, combining this with the Passive feature, it is possible to get around quickly without worrying so much about the character’s health.

Octane Apex Legends

Credits: Respawn Entertainment

The speed increase is useful for several cases. The player can use this advantage to attack enemy squadrons without being detected as well as to defend and flee to a place far from combat.

Octane’s Ultimate ability is called “Launch Pad”. A trampoline that allows long-distance jumps. This mechanism remains permanently on the ground and both your allies and enemies can use it. When running at high speed, the distance traveled is greater.

The Launch Pad, in addition to being used for locomotion, can be used as a trap to ward off enemies. In order to avoid direct combat when you are in a turmoil, it is possible, for example, to enter a house and position the trampoline at the entrance. Thus preventing enemies to invade the house easily.

Octane New Addition to Apex Legends

Credits: Respawn Entertainment

How to behave on the squad

The main feature of Octane is his speed. The tactical ability allows the legend to both engage and escape from the combat. Combined with the Bloodhound Tactic, which detects the enemies in the area, it can be useful to escape the enemies.

Launch Pad brings positioning advantages during a battle. With the jumps, it is possible to gain a better position in the field in a higher place as well as move away from conflicts involving more than one squad.

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