Here's What Is Happening In Major LoL Leagues Across The World

League of Legends (LoL) has several official championships around the world. The regions are defined according to the results obtained over the years in international competitions. In 2019, there are six regions: LPL (China), LEC (Europe), LCS (North America), LCK (Korea), LMS (Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao) and VCS (Vietnam).

LoL’s major league’s tournaments will get direct access to the MSI 2019 Group Stage. The competition will be taking from May 1 to 19 in Taiwan, Vietnam and the World Cup. Below is a summary of what has happened so far in the major LoL competitions in the world in 2019.


LoL Leagues

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In 2018, the Chinese League was MSI champion with RNG and also the World of LoL with Invictus Gaming. In the current season, the newcomer FunPlus Phoenix leads the competition. The team, established in 2017, has outperformed traditional opponents like EDG, IG and Team WE. While RNG is not performing well and is in ninth place. The LPL Spring 2019 started on January 15, and the final date has not yet been set.


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The LEC (former LCS EU) is the LoL championship of the European continent. G2 continues to dominate the competition. The team of Rasmus “Caps” Winther and company is the uncontested leader followed by Team Vitality and Splyce. Already Fnatic, current world runner-up, had a poor start in the LEC.

The player Elias “Upset” Lipe is the sole highlight of the competition, with a KDA 8.4 and 10.5 farm/min. The ad-carry of Schalke 04 is among the best players of the tournament.


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With the name change of the European “sister”, LCS NA became LCS only. Team Liquid leads the competition, but Cloud9 and TSM are also in the fray. The tournament is packed with South Korean players and started with the promise of being top notch.

However so far, the teams that made such signings did not do well on Summoner’s Rift. Golden Guardians, OpTic Gaming, and 100 Thieves fight at the end of the table. The LCS final will take place on April 13, the day before the LEC.


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With five world titles, the LCK is the league’s most successful league of Legends. Even without significant results in the last year, the Korean league continues being the spotlight of LoL. In the current season, Griffin leads the competition. The mid-laner Jihum “Chovy” jung is the highlight of the competition: the player came to stay with KDA above 100 points.

T1 Entertainment & Sports, formerly SKT T1 and the biggest international champion with three titles, is in second place. The tournament ends on April 13.


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The league formed by the countries: Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau is in its fifth season. In the spring 2019 stage, the MAD Team leads, with a highlight of ADC Huang “Breeze” Chien-Yuan.

Second, Flash Wolves, the sixth-best LMS champion, has four wins and two losses.

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