How do FIFA Scream Cards Work?

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Scream Cards in FIFA 20 is mainly used for the Halloween promotions. It helps to provide a new feature to the game, which makes the players have more fun. Halloween promotions allow the players to know how to have fun and stay connected with the game. FIFA 20, a football-based game with Halloween promotions, seems weird, but there is a reason it is there. It helps the players to get the Scream Cards and makes them face a new environment.

FIFA Scream Cards Work

FIFA 20 has a lot of fans just because it provides them great and unique features. It helps to attract more players, but when there is a talk about promotions, it is the best way to grab more users. All the connected players must have knowledge about multiple elements of the game. When a player knows all the aspects of the game, they can easily handle any situation. It would be great if you also opted to know about the Scream Cards to help you promote the game well.

If you don’t have any related info, then you can consider the below details. It will help you to know about the Scream Cards as well as about the other elements.

Related Info

  • The Halloween promotions are the same as before in the previous version of the game. You can get an Ultimate Scream Card by opening the packs in the game. Another way to get Scream Cards is via completing two SBCs in which you can easily select two Ultimate Scream items of the players. If you get success in understanding both the above ways, then you can easily get the Ultimate Scream Cards. You can also opt for multiple challenges for getting the Scream Cards.
  • The Ultimate Scream Card players can be used in both Weekend League and FUT Champions. Cards can also be used even when they get their temporary boosts. It shows that leagues, which are played weekly and the FUT champions, are the best ways to attract more players for getting the Scream Cards. The Ultimate Scream Card players can also be found in the packs, which are tradeable items.
  • When players opt for Scream Cards, their first boost period starts from 5 pm GMT on October 29th to 6 pm GMT on November 1st. You should pay proper attention to the dates so that you can take care of them properly. Basically, future boost periods are unknown and have chances to get announced closer to the actual date. Try to be active enough to understand the dates well so that you won’t face any kind of problem.

Wrap It Up

With the help of Scream, Cards players can get huge advantages and able to earn more attention from other players. If you don’t pay proper attention to the above information, then you can lack the significant aspects of the game. Try to be active and smart enough to have a proper understanding so that you can take better advantage from it.

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