How do I recover my Call of Duty Mobile Account?

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There are some cases in Call of Duty when players lose their accounts and then face a lot of problems due to that. It can be a serious problem for those on high levels, and you might know that it’s very hard to pass out various levels in this game. Most of the players play Call of Duty on mobile phones, PCs, or any console, and this problem is severe for a player who is regular to the game.

The players tend to remain worried due to this aspect of the game; to deal with this situation, you should opt for recovery. It’s essential for players to know the solution for their mobile account, as it can help them recover their account again. After such hard work, when a player losses his account, then it can lead him to some mental breakage.

recover my Call of Duty Mobile Account

You can learn about the various aspects which can help you to recover your account instantly. It can also help you to remain stable with your mental health.

Related Info

  • Sometimes players tend to lose their Call of Duty mobile account due to some issues, and that are some rare cases. Even when the players have their accounts login with Facebook or Google Play still lose their account. It’s not a regular aspect, but you don’t need to worry or panic, as there are some ways to help you recover your account. 
  • When you are caught under such situations, you need to opt for direct support from the Activision Support as it will help you get out of your problem. The support help lien will first tend to make sure that the user who raised the request is the real user of the game. They will get ready to help you out in getting your account recovered
  •  after they make their doubt clear.
  • Before the help from the Activision Support, players need to have some proof to show their real identity to the support.  If the players don’t have any proof, then the support will reject the user from helping them. If players get succeeded in providing the real proof of their true identity, then the support will help them out.
  • If you are the one from those who have lost their Call of Duty mobile account, even after being linked with Facebook or Google Play, you can contact Activision Support. It will help you to get out of your query as soon as possible.
  • One more thing, if you have done something wrong, then you will not be able to get your account back. If you have not done anything wrong with your account, you will get your account back. You have to be patient until the support recovers your account and helps you get back your account.

Final Verdict

You can consider the above information by trusting it as it is very genuine and will help you a lot in getting your Call of Duty mobile account back. It is beneficial and very supportive, where you will know about the Activision Support.

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