How do you Breed Horses in Minecraft?


Minecraft includes a wide range of animals for some crucial reasons and helps players have some help in completing their quests. One of the animals which are very helpful to players is horses. It allows the players to have those experiences, which makes them feel so happy and special. Most of the players don’t know how to take advantage of horses, which makes them face huge losses and other problem.

You must learn about other animals too so that you can easily feed them and become friends with them. Along with horses, you should know about polar bears too, as they are also very helpful. Is it vital for you to know what polar bears do eat in Minecraft so that you can breed them? For feeding, taming, and breeding diffident animals in the game, you have to become friends with them and move to other options.

 Breed Horses in Minecraft

Once you learned how to breed animals, then you can easily see their new babies and have those views which you might not have before. Getting ready for breeding is not such a hard thing; the hard thing is to become friends with them so that they will trust you. You must know how to win the horse’s hearts so that you can breed them and ride them. You can follow the steps mentioned below for learning the breeding process of horses.

Steps to Breed Horses

  • Find the Horse – First of all; you have to find a horse without finding a horse; you can’t proceed to the next steps. If you cannot find a horse, you can opt to summon a horse by using some cheats or by using a spawn egg.
  • Feed the Horse – After finding the horse, you have to feed it so that you can win its heart and able to breed them. You must know that what horses like to eat so that you won’t make them angry and get a kick from them. You can eat grass, wheat to horses, and easily win their trust.
  • Tame the Horse – Finally, after becoming friends with horses, you have to tame them and move to breed them. For breeding, you can mate any colored horses as the color of the baby horse depends upon the color of its parents. When you get success in breeding the horses, make sure you have learned what mending does in Minecraft. If you learned about it, it would be very helpful to grab more knowledge about it.


After considering the above information, you can learn how you can breed them horses in Minecraft. You can also learn about other elements which can help you to enhance your more knowledge. It will be great for you if you will pay your entire focus to the above information as it will allow you to understand the concept well. Try to grab all the necessary details of the game so that you don’t have to face any major problem.

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