How Do You Make a Shield In Minecraft?

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Minecraft is a sand-based game, and you need to craft each and every item apart from those that can’t be crafted. There are some cases in which players need to fight against their enemies to require safety measures. A shield is one of those items that help you stay safe from your enemies when you get into any fight. As a shield is an integral part of the game, similarly sharpness is an essential part of the game, so you must know what Minecraft’s sharpness does. It will help you make sharp items sharper and kill your enemy in just one shot.

Make a Shield In Minecraft

The recipe for making a shield is very easy and simple, and when you opt for making it, you will not face any problem in it. This item helps fight against your enemies, against any dangerous mobs and can be used for various other purposes. Once you understand the process of making a shied, then no one can stop you from using it and keeping yourself safe in front of your enemies. With this item’s help, you can directly stand in front of your enemies and fight them.

Shield Making Process

Get the Crafting Grid

  • You might know about the crafting grid as it plays a major role in crafting various items and will help you start the various recipes.
  • You will get the crafting grid when you open the crafting menu as it has this grid of 3×3 size.
  • When you opt for using this grid to add other items, you have to put all the items to their right places.

Add Items in the Grid

  • To add items in the crafting grid, you will require 6 wooden planks and 1 iron ingot as it will help you get the item ready.
  • You can use any wood for making the shield out of spruce, birch, jungle, crimson, oak, dark oak, and warped.
  • You have to add 1 wooden plank in the first box in the first row, 1 iron ingot in the second box, and 1 wooden plank in the third box.
  • In the second row, you have to add 3 wooden planks in all the three boxes, i.e., first, middle and last.
  • You have to add 1 wooden plank in the middlebox in the third row and leave the other two boxes empty.
  • Once the recipe is done, you should transfer the item to your inventory, as it will help you get it later on when you need it.
  • After making a shield, you should be focused on what thorns do in Minecraft, as it is an enchantment used to help you out in your hard time.

After reading the above steps, you can easily make a shield and get it used when you get into any fight or for any other purpose. It will be great for you to know about the game and help you know about various enchantments that you can use to make items more powerful.

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