How do you Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft?

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Minecraft includes so many different types of stones and blocks, which helps the players to craft different items. You might know that the entire game is based on your creativity and crafting new items. The game helps you to have those experiences which you might not get from anywhere else. It will be better for you to have knowledge about how to make a smooth stone in the game so that you can take advantage of it for making smooth stone buildings.

Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

Before making the smooth stone in Minecraft, make sure that you are using a furnace because this stone can’t be made with the help of a crafting table. It would be great for you to know all the ingredients and items which are used to make the stone so that you will collect it in advance only. Always remember that you can only make the item when you know about all its aspects otherwise no. You can easily make multiple buildings with this stone’s help and remain safe as it is smooth and easy to handle. For knowing the actual process of making this stone, you have to pay attention to the following information.

Steps to Make Smooth Stone

You can easily make smooth stone by following the steps mentioned below, but make sure that you have already collected all the required items.

Open the Furnace Menu

The first step you need to do is open the furnace menu where you will see two blocks present in it. Once you are done with opening the menu, then you have to move to your next step.

Add Fuel to Furnace

After opening the furnace, you are required to add fuel to it to start the furnace by starting a fire under the bottom furnace. You can use coal as your fuel so that you can make the stone faster and accurately.

 Add Items to Make Smooth Stone

Finally, you have to add items to the furnace after putting fire under it and then place a stone in the top box o the furnace. When the stone starts burning, then you will see flames coming out of the furnace and helps you to check whether the stone is smelting or not. Once the stone is properly cooked, then you will see the smooth stone in the box.

Move the Smooth Stone to Inventory

After completing the entire process of making a smooth stone, you have to move the item to the inventory so that you can use it when you need it. Once you move the item to your inventory, you will get its later use.


The points mentioned above will provide the solution to your query and help you know how you can make the smooth stone in Minecraft. It will also help you know about the furnace and the stone required while making the smooth stone. You should always be careful while making fire-related elements so that you won’t get into any major trouble.

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