How do you tame a Fox in Minecraft?

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Taming is the process in which players first need to become friends with the animals and then tend to wait for the red hearts to float over their heads. It can help the players to have some success in completing their few quests. It will be great if players get success in controlling the fox as it will make them get some help in the taming process. There are some players who don’t know how to tame a fox, which makes them suffer huge problems.

When a person gets connected to the Minecraft, they don’t know much about the game, mainly the taming process. It is crucial for all the players to grab all the related information first and then opt for playing the game. If players get to know about all the aspects of the game, they can deal with any situation without facing any problem. Most of the players might not know how to tame a fox, so no need to worry; you can pay attention to the below information.

 tame a Fox in Minecraft

The below information will help you out to have a solution to your query and also allows you to make foxes your friends. It will also allow you to know about multiple other new aspects of the game too, which you don’t know.

Fox Taming Tutorial

  • Before opting for the fox taming process, you need to know about some basic information that to help you perform this process. First, you need to make a brand new fox, which means that you need to agree with the fox breed. It will help you to start your taming process by becoming good friends with it. Once you become good friends, then it will help you out in further steps.
  • After becoming friends with the fox, you have to give it a sweet berry and give another berry to that fox with whom you want your fox to mate. Before mating the foxes, you need to take care of your fox because it will try to go to other foxes. There is a solution to keep the fox with you is by putting a lead between you and the fox. The where you will go will also go with you.
  • Finally, you can make both the foxes mate and opt for any colored fox, whether white or red. But the color of the baby will depend upon the parents’ color, so try to mate the good color combination foxes. After the foxes mate, you have to wait till the time the red hearts start floating over their heads. It will be the sign of their happiness, and this is how you are done with your fox taming process.

Wrap It Up

After considering all the above information, you can understand how to tame a fox in Minecraft. It will also help you out to deal with other minor aspects in which you might face some problems. If you try to remain active, then you can easily understand the whole concept.

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