How do You Tame a Horse in Minecraft?

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In Minecraft, a horse plays a major role as it helps the players in many different aspects and can be used for defeating their enemies. Once players get close to the horse, they can easily handle them and take advantage of it. A horse can be used for riding, defeating enemies, entertaining, and many more reasons. But the main question is how to get close to the horse and tame it so that players can control it well without facing any hurdle.

Some players are not much aware of horses, so it will be great for them if they prefer to grab some knowledge about them. For taming a horse, you are required to feed it first so that you can become friends and ask it to listen to you. Once you get success in making horse your friend, then you can easily deal with it without facing any problem, so try to learn about it and have fun.

Tame a Horse in Minecraft

If you are interested in knowing you can tame a horse in the game, you can consider the points mentioned below. It will help you to get a solution to your issue and also allows you to have some increase in your current knowledge.

Steps to Tame a Horse

Before taming a horse, you have to know about those basic steps, which will help you know how to become friends first and then opt for taming. If you do not become friends first, you have to face so many problems and even get a kick from it.

Find a Horse

  • Your first step should be to find the horse, and if you will not find it, then how you will feed it and become friends with it.
  • If you do not find the horse, you can opt to summon the horse using a cheat or a spawn egg.
  • After that, you have to move to your next step, where you will tame the horse and complete your quest.

Tame the Horse

  • When you are done with the horse’s finding process, you have to select an empty slot from your Hotbar.
  • It would be best if you prefer to tame the horse with your hands so that it will feel safer and relaxed with you.
  • You can tame a horse by repeatedly mounting the horse and again buck off, and the time comes when the horse will not buck you off.
  • But while taming, you need to take care of the game controls because game controls can only be used in the game version and are connected with the right platform.
  • If you use the different for the different platforms, then the game controls will not work.

Wrap It Up

The above points are all related to your query and can help you beneficially in making you understand that how you can tame a horse in Minecraft. It will allow you to mount the horse and then get bucked off and the same, but after getting bucked off for so many times, you will get control.


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