How LEC 2019 Stands With Two Games Remaining

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G2 The Champions

After playing the two games of the penultimate week of LEC, G2 Esports is proclaimed champion of the regular season. The Ocelot guys have been exceptional this season, especially in the beginning. Now they lead the table with a record of 13 wins and 3 losses. G2 started the season with nine consecutive wins getting recognized as a clear favorite to take over the European League of Legends competition of the spring season.

G2 Esports LEC 2019

Credits: G2 Esports


However, in recent weeks, the leader had a significant performance drop. Accustomed to win the two matches that are played week after week, G2 surprisingly played poorly in the last two. The coach Fabian “GrabbZ” Lohmann has explained some reasons for the ‘poor’ performance of the team in recent games.

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Trouble for Mikyx

He made a statement on Twitter that: Mikyx has been suffering from wrist and arm pains for quite some time. So the player was not pushed to participate in some training sessions. The coach of G2 also extended the explanation confessing that: The days of training of the whole team have been reduced after securing the second place in day 8.

This situation has affected the team’s performance. The coach justifies his actions by saying that, he considered it necessary that the team should rest. While Mikyx can recover and be fit for the playoffs. To end the statement, GrabbZ leaves open the possibility that Mikyx will not compete in the last two games of the regular season.

Mikyx LEC 2019

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The second place, still in the air

There are only two games remaining and three teams will fight for second place. Vitality, Origin, and Splyce are playing to settle in the top square. The three teams have secured their spots in the semifinals of the playoffs.

They all have a guaranteed spot in the playoffs but will struggle to have a more comfortable position in the last four. Vitality will face exceL and SK Gaming; Splyce to face Misfits and Fnatic (in the struggle to enter the playoffs). Origin has matches against Schalke 04 and exceL. There are no pending direct confrontations between the teams.

SK Gaming LEC 2019

Credits: lolesports

The fight to enter the playoffs almost decided

Schalke 04 closed positions of playoffs in sixth place, however, both SK Gaming and Misfits are alive with the slightest chance of progressing. Both have one less victory than Schalke. So they need S04 to be defeated in at least one of their matches against Origen and Rogue.

Misfits end with an advantage over SK since they have won the direct confrontation. However, the side’s participation in the playoffs becomes equally complicated. The team, which has a team full of stars, has made a disappointing second half of the season that has punished them in the standings.

LEC 2019 SK Gaming

Credits: lolesports

So let’s see how the table finally shapes up before we proceed to the playoffs.

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