How long did GTA 5 Take to Make?

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Most of the players are engaged in playing GTA from the last few years, and later on, it has released various series. It has made a wide number of people a big fan of it, and it’s uniqueness and missions attract them the most. Most players want to know the exact time which GTA 5 took to get released. Players have a curiosity of knowing about this fact as it can help them to enhance their knowledge about the game more.

If there is a talk about the exact time which it took can be taken as an average of 5 to 6 years. The release of the date keeps on postponing and made the players wait for its actual release. As a member of GTA, every player has a right to know about the various series and updates of the game. It can help the players to know about the new features and elements of the game, which will allow them to deal with various situations.

long did GTA 5 Take to Make

For more details, you can pay attention to the below information as it will help you to enhance your more knowledge.

Related Info

  • There was a talk about the release of the GTA 5 from September 2009, and then it postponed to 2010. Rockstar confirmed the first release of GTA 5 on October 25, 2011, in an announcement on its official website and the twitter feed. Various journalists said that the announcement is ignited to the significant anticipation of the gaming industry.
  • When the game did not meet its release date, then it took more time to get released. First, it set the date 30 October 2012, but again, it got failed to release then it set the date of May 2013. But in the latest announcement, the rock star announced that the game would get released in September 2013 instead of May.
  • When the game came into the way, then players started facing various problems with the game and tend to opt for re-download. The problems are occurring with various sound effects, dialogues of the characters, etc. But later on, Sony deleted the re-order file from the PlayStation, which made the players very sad.
  • Then at E3, 2014, there was an announcement for the release of GTA 5 for PS4, PC, and Xbox. It made the players have some relaxation, but the release with the console version of the game was postponed three times. The first postponed date for the GTA 5 with consoles was January 27, 2015, and the second one was March 24, and the third one was April 14. Rock star states the game requires speaking extra time for the final polishing.

Wrap It Up

The above information is the best to tell you about the time taken by GTA 5 took to finally get released. It will help you to know about some crucial aspects which you might not know before. You should pay proper attention to the information so that you can easily grab the points and understand them well. Attention is a must in every field as it helps you learn about the various aspects very fast.

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