How Many GB is Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

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The players who are engaged in playing Call of Duty might know about the total space that is acquired by the game. But there are some players who are new to this game who don’t know about its actual size. There are many players who want to know about the actual size of the game as per their devices. For different methods, there are different sized installation spaces for Call of Duty.

Modern Warfare is such a brilliant game that every player wants to play, but due to its size, some players drop their plan for downloading it. Before getting the game in your devices, it’s important for all the players to know its size, features, and various aspects. It can help the players make the right decision as per their choice and requirement because some players are not comfortable downloading a large-sized file or game.

How Many GB is Call of Duty Modern Warfare

For PC, the size of Call of Duty modern warfare is different, and for PS4, it has a different sized installation, and for Xbox One, it is different. If you want to know the actual sizes of the Call of Duty installation for various devices, you can consider the below points.

Further Details

Call of Duty modern warfare is considered as one of the largest installation game in the wide range franchise yet. The GB for the game increased when it launched a new feature of multiplayer in the game. The game features play a significant role in fixing the game’s size, as if the game features increase, the installation GB will also increase. For knowing the actual GBs of Call of Duty for various devices, you need to pay attention to the below points.

For PS4

On PS4, Call of Duty modern warfare requires 119.4 GB of space for getting installed in the device. Mo9st of the players prefer to install the game, and some will drop their idea after knowing about the actual GB required by the game.

For PC

On PC, Call of Duty modern warfare requires 175 GB of space, it’s such a huge space, but for PC, it can be a flexible space. Players can opt for this game in their PCs, and this game was actually first released for the PC only.

For Xbox One

On Xbox One, Call of Duty modern warfare requires 120 GB of space. Players can opt for the game as per their choices because the choices of different players vary. It can help the players to have a game of their choice and helps them to make an appropriate decision. 


With the help of the above points, you can understand the various aspects of various devices. It can help you to know about various GBs for installing the Call of Duty modern warfare for Androids, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can get huge help from the above information and take your decision as per your requirement of space in your respected devices.

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