How Many Missions are in GTA 5?

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GTA 5 is all based on missions only, and some aspects are available for fun and entertainment of the players. In total, there are 69 missions available in the game, which players need to complete to get access to the further missions. The main motive of the players in GTA 5 is to complete missions so that they can get new items such as vehicles like cars, bikes, helicopters, etc. When players get all this stuff, they get extra motivation to move forward in the game.

Missions are in GTA 5

There are different types of missions available in GTA 5; some are related to crimes, and some are related to stealing and all. Each player in the game gets three characters, and players can use anyone as per their abilities. The character which suits the mission players can opt for that and take advantage of them. If players do not understand the importance of mission completion, it can lead them to face huge problems.

Some missions are mentioned below information, which can help you to get knowledge about some of them out of 69 and also help you to know them well.

Simeon Yetarian

  • This mission takes place in the state of Los Santos in which Franklin and his best friend Lamar Davis are involved. Both the character have to fetch the sports car and return it to the Simeon Yetarian Dealership.
  • Another mission provided by the Simeon is related to the repossession in which Franklin and his friend have to repossess a motorbike for the Simeon and which is with the member of the Vagos gang.
  • Another mission is complications, one in which Franklin has to break Michel’s house and repossess his son’s car without being caught by anyone in the property.

Lester Crest

  • The missions assigned by the Lester Crest are being established in the state of Los Santos who assign different mission for different characters. In Lester’s mission, all the three characters get involved, which makes the player pay attention to all his characters.
  • One of Lester’s missions is related to the friend request, and this mission is mainly for Michael because it suits his abilities.  
  • Another mission that Michael has to perform is cashing the jewel store where Michael has to rob the store and provide the robbed money to Lester Crest.
  • Lester also provides the missions related to the heist in which players have to establish those missions which are related to crimes. In these missions players, life is at risk, but still, they tend to perform these missions because they want to earn as much money as they can.

Final Verdict

The points mentioned above are two significant missions out of 69, given to the players to have success in that. The players need to complete those missions because if they don’t do it, they have to suffer so many problems. If you got any mission from Lester, then you have to pay more attention as coopered to other missions because his missions are based on crimes, and that is too risky. 

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